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Cupuaçu originates from an Amazonian tree with the scientific name of Theobroma grandiflorum, which belongs to the cocoa family and, therefore, one of its main products is cupuaçu chocolate, also known as "cupulate".

Cupuaçu has a sour but very mild flavor, and is also used to make juices, ice creams, jellies, wines and liqueurs. In addition, the pulp can also be used to make creams, puddings, pies, cakes and pizzas.

Benefits of Cupuaçu

The benefits of Cupuaçu are mainly to provide energy because it has theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine. Theobromine also gives cupuaçu other benefits such as:

  1. Stimulate the central nervous system, which makes the body more active and alert;
  2. Improve the functioning of the heart;
  3. Reduce coughing as it also stimulates the respiratory system;
  4. Help fight fluid retention by being diuretic;

In addition to these benefits, cupuaçu also helps in the formation of blood cells because it is rich in iron.

Cupuaçu Nutritional Information

Components Quantity in 100 g of Cupuaçu
Energy 72 calories
Proteins 1, 7 g
Fat 1, 6 g
Carbohydrates 14, 7 g
Calcium 23 mg
Phosphorus 26 mg
Iron 2, 6 mg

Cupuaçu is a fruit that has some fat, so it should not be consumed in large quantities in weight loss diets.

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