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3 stratéhome remedies to lose belly

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3 stratéhome remedies to lose belly
3 stratéhome remedies to lose belly

A great home treatment to lose belly fat is to do an exercise called abdominal plank daily because it strengthens the muscles in this region, however using a special cream to burn fat and resorting to aesthetic treatments are also good options.

But in addition to using these strategies, it is also important to adapt your diet, following a low-calorie diet to avoid the accumulation of new fat cells. You can see here a good home remedy that can help you lose belly

1. Exercises to lose belly

A good exercise to lose belly fat, which can be done at home, without harming the spine, is the abdominal plank.To do the abdominal plank, just lie on your stomach on the floor and then support your body only on your toes and forearms, leaving your body suspended as shown in the image below, staying still in this position for at least 1 minute., and as it gets easier, increase the time by 30 seconds.

When the exercise is already easy, and it is possible to spend more than 2 minutes still in this position, you can adopt the new version of this exercise that consists of supporting only one hand, as shown in this image:

It is important to know that this exercise does not have a high caloric expenditure and, therefore, to lose weight, it must be associated with a low-calorie diet and the regular practice of physical exercises. It is more effective than the traditional abdominal exercise, but a physical educator will be able to indicate which exercises to lose belly are more indicated for each case.

2. Diet to lose weight fast

Watch the video below to learn how to adjust your diet:

3. Cream to lose belly

A good cream to lose belly fat is the one compounded with 8% Xanthine, which can be recommended by the dermatologist and can be ordered at a compounding pharmacy. The cream should be applied 2 times a day, on the entire belly region. To enhance its effects, you can wrap the area to be treated with a plastic film, leaving it on for 2 hours.

Xanthine is a substance that can eliminate twice as much fat as the body could eliminate with diet and exercise alone. It is possible to eliminate up to 11 cm of fat in just 12 weeks of treatment.

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