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When doing lip fillers

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When doing lip fillers
When doing lip fillers

Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure in which a liquid is injected inside the lip to add volume, shape and make the lip fuller.

There are several types of liquids that can be used in lip fillers, however, the most used is composed of a substance similar to hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the body. Collagen, on the other hand, has been used less and less in this technique due to its shorter duration.

Typically, the effect of lip fillers lasts around 6 months, but may vary depending on the type of injection. For this reason, the surgeon usually schedules a new injection close to this date so that there are no large variations in the volume of the lips.

Who can do it

Lip fillers can be used in almost any case to add volume, shape and structure to the lips. However, one should always consult with the plastic surgeon to assess whether this procedure is the best way to obtain the expected result, before deciding on the filling.

Furthermore, the ideal is to start with a small amount of injection and increase over time, as large-volume injections can cause a very sudden change in physical appearance, which can create feelings of frustration.

How to fill in

Lip filling is a relatively quick technique that can be performed in the cosmetic surgeon's office. For this, the doctor marks the places to inject to obtain the best result and then applies a light anesthetic to the lip, before making the injections with a thin needle, which does not leave scars.

What is recovery like

Like the procedure, lip filler recovery also tends to be quick. After the injection, the doctor will usually offer a cold compress to apply over the lip and decrease the body's natural inflammation at the injection. When applying cold it is important not to apply too much pressure.

In addition, you should not apply any type of product to the lips, such as lipstick, during the first few hours, to reduce the chances of infection.

During recovery it is possible that the lips lose volume very slightly, due to the decrease in inflammation at the site, however, the day after the procedure, the volume present should already be the final one. In some cases, during the first 12 hours there may also be slight discomfort when talking or eating, due to inflammation.

Possible filling risks

Lip filling is a very safe procedure, but like any other type of surgery it has some risk of side effects such as:

  • Bleeding at the injection site;
  • Swelling and presence of purple spots on the lips;
  • Very sore lips feeling.

Usually these effects disappear after the first 48 hours, but if they persist or worsen it is very important to consult your doctor.

In addition, in very serious cases, more serious complications such as infections or allergic reactions to the injected liquid can also arise. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of signs such as intense pain in the lips, redness that does not go away, excessive bleeding or the presence of fever. If they do, it is important to go back to the doctor or go to the hospital.

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