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How to identify the symptoms of cold sores

How to identify the symptoms of cold sores
How to identify the symptoms of cold sores

Before herpes manifests itself in the form of a sore, tingling, numbness, burning, swelling, discomfort or an itching begins to be felt at the site. These sensations can last several hours or up to 3 days before the blisters appear.

As soon as these first symptoms appear, it is advisable to apply an antiviral cream or ointment, so that the treatment is faster and the size of the vesicles does not increase too much in size.

When rashes begin to appear, they are surrounded by a reddish border, appearing most often in and around the mouth and lips.

The vesicles can be painful and form agglomerates, with liquid, which merge, becoming a single affected area, which after a few days begin to dry, forming a thin, yellowish crust of shallow ulcers, which normally falls without leaving a scar.However, the skin can crack and cause pain when eating, drinking, or talking.

After the vesicles appear, the treatment takes about 10 days to complete. However, when the herpes rash is located on moist areas of the body, they take longer to heal.

It is still not known for sure what leads to the appearance of herpes, but it is thought that certain stimuli can reactivate the virus that returns to epithelial cells, such as fever, menstruation, sun exposure, fatigue, stress, treatments dental problems, some type of trauma, a cold and factors that depress the immune system.

Herpes can be transmitted to other people through direct contact or infected objects.

Learn how to prevent the appearance of herpes and how to treat it.

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