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Wild strawberry

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Wild strawberry
Wild strawberry

The wild strawberry is a medicinal plant with the scientific name of Fragaria vesca, also known as moranga or fragária.

The wild strawberry is a different type of strawberry from the type that gives the common strawberry, mainly because of the leaves, which are more toothed and smaller than those of the traditional strawberry, which produces the strawberry that you buy in the supermarket.

What is the wild strawberry used for

Wild strawberry leaf tea helps with gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea and fighting inflammation.

Wild strawberry properties

The main properties of wild strawberry leaves are astringent, analgesic, healing, diuretic, laxative, detoxifying and liver tonic.

How to use wild strawberry

The wild strawberry can be used to make tea with the leaves and roots, for puree or juice with the fruits and even to make creams or ointments.

  • Wild Strawberry Tea - put 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. You should drink 3 cups of this tea a day.

In case of inflammation of the mouth, gargle with tea can be used to reduce pain.

Side effects of wild strawberry

The most common side effects that can arise are allergic reactions when applied to the skin.

Contraindications of wild strawberry

Consumption of wild strawberry tea is contraindicated in case of allergy or diabetes.

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