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Pregnancy 2023

Symptoms of pregnancy in men

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Symptoms of pregnancy in men
Symptoms of pregnancy in men

Some men can have the same symptoms of pregnancy as women, especially when it comes to their first child, and this happens when they become emotionally involved during pregnancy, this situation being known as couvade syndrome.

In this case the man may feel sick, have an urge to urinate, feel dizzy or always be hungry. But in addition, they also tend to be concerned about the he alth of the woman and the baby and, although they do not show it in the same way, they can also present anxiety, fear and insecurity about the future and what their relationship with the woman and the baby will be like. is coming.

Main changes in men during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is normal for a whirlwind of emotions to affect the couple, especially the woman because for approximately 280 days her body will undergo intense transformations that involve many hormonal changes, but also the man due to the responsibility he is charged with by society.

The main changes that can affect a man during pregnancy are:

1. Having the same pregnancy symptoms as the woman

This can happen because the man is psychologically and emotionally involved with the pregnancy, a situation known as couvade syndrome. In these cases, men gain weight, get morning sickness, and may even experience pain during the woman's labor.

These alterations do not show any he alth problems, indicating only that the man is completely involved with the pregnancy. Usually the man does not have all the symptoms, but it is common to feel sick whenever his wife has this symptom.

What to do: No need to worry because it just shows how emotionally involved he is with the pregnancy.

2. Desiring more intimate contact

Man can be even more attracted to a woman when she is pregnant because with the increase in blood circulation in the vagina region, the woman becomes even more lubricated and more sensitive, in addition to feeling more attractive because she no longer needs it. worry about the 'tummy', which can now be a source of pride.

What to do: Enjoy the moments together, because with the arrival of the baby the woman may not have much sexual desire, nor feel attractive avoiding intimate contact in the first baby months.

3. Worrying

As soon as the man receives the news that he is going to be a father, he is flooded with an avalanche of emotions. When the couple was trying to get pregnant, the man can get emotional and show all the love he feels for his partner.However, when the pregnancy happens without waiting, he can be very worried about the future, due to the responsibility of being a father and having to raise a child. In some families the news may not be so well received, but usually when the baby is born everything is resolved.

What to do: Plan your future responsibly so you can feel at peace and security. Talking and making plans with your partner is essential for building a new family.

Tips to improve intimacy in pregnancy

Some great tips to improve intimacy and complicity between the couple during pregnancy are:

  • Always go to prenatal exams together;
  • Buy everything necessary for the woman and baby together and
  • Talk daily about what the couple is feeling and about the changes that are happening.

So the man can feel closer to the woman and the baby, this being a special moment for him too. In addition, taking pictures together showing the growth of the tummy can help keep the memory that this was a special and desired moment for both of you.

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