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Scented candlesática: he alth risks and which ones to use

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Scented candlesática: he alth risks and which ones to use
Scented candlesática: he alth risks and which ones to use

Currently, the use of aromatic candles has been increasing, because in addition to serving as decoration, this type of candle is often recommended to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety caused by the habits of modern life, family problems, complicated situations at work and conflicting personal relationships.

However, some studies have been developed to draw attention to the excessive use of this type of product and to warn about the he alth risks, mainly due to the fact that they are often used in closed places, without air circulation, and depending on the material these scented candles are made from, they can release toxic and harmful substances to the body.

Why scented candles can hurt

Most of the time, scented candles are made of paraffin, petroleum-based, chemical components with artificial aromas and the wick is made of very small substances similar to toxic metals, and during combustion, or burning the candle, these products are transformed into gases that are harmful to the body and the environment, such as hydrocarbons, formaldehyde and alcohol.

Most of the time, scented candles are lit with the aim of promoting a feeling of well-being and relaxation and eliminating bad odors, but this is often done indoors, which causes these toxic gases become more focused on the air that people will breathe in, leading to long-term he alth problems.

What can cause

Some studies point out that people who were exposed to scented candles lit indoors had some symptoms such as dizziness, headache, dry throat, irritated eyes and cough.These symptoms were compared to those that occur during a person's exposure to cigarettes.

Continuous inhalation of toxic gases released during candle burning is also associated with the risk of bladder cancer and colorectal cancer, as these substances are capable of controlling the development and proliferation of cancer cells.

In addition, the smoke released by aromatic candles lit daily can cause respiratory problems in adults and children, in addition to causing asthma attacks in people who are already diagnosed with this disease. Check out what to do in an asthma attack.

Which type is indicated

The scented candles produced with bioactive substances derived from soy are not harmful to he alth, as they do not release toxic substances when burned. It is recommended to use candles that are flavored with essential oils, extracted from natural plants and candles produced from beeswax, as these have no harmful effects on the body, so they are also indicated for use.

If a person opts for paraffin candles, it is important to reduce the use and when lighting keep the place well ventilated and with the windows open so that the soot produced by burning the candle is not inhaled by people.

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