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Treatment for SíStevens-Johnson syndrome

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Treatment for SíStevens-Johnson syndrome
Treatment for SíStevens-Johnson syndrome

Treatment for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome needs to be started with the identification of the cause that led to the skin changes, so that this factor can be removed before starting treatment aimed at improving complications and symptoms.

Thus, and as most of the time, the syndrome appears as a side effect of a specific medication (usually an antibiotic) the doctor needs to stop the use of this medication, guiding a new treatment for the problem that was being treated, in addition to the treatment for the syndrome.

Since this syndrome is a very serious problem, which can be life-threatening, treatment usually needs to be done in an ICU with serum and medication directly into the vein, in addition to frequent monitoring of vital signs.

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Medicines to relieve symptoms

After withdrawing all medications that may have caused Stevens-Johnson Syndrome to develop, the doctor usually prescribes the use of other medications to relieve symptoms:

  • Analgesics, to relieve pain in affected skin regions;
  • Corticoids, to reduce inflammation of the skin layers;
  • Antiseptic mouthwash, to clean the mouth, slightly numb the mucosa and allow eating;
  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops, to reduce possible eye complications.

Furthermore, it is also common to apply regular dressings to the affected areas of the skin, using vaseline moistened compresses to help regenerate the skin, reduce discomfort and remove layers of dead skin.You can also use some type of moisturizing cream to apply in the regions around the lesions, to prevent them from increasing in size.

In more severe cases, in addition to all the treatment described, it may still be necessary to maintain the use of serum directly into the vein to maintain body hydration, as well as insert a nasogastric tube to allow feeding, if the mucosa of the mouth is greatly affected. In some cases, the doctor may even prescribe formulas rich in calories and nutrients to help the person maintain their nutritional status and facilitate recovery.

Possible complications

Because it affects large areas of the skin, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can have very serious complications, especially when treatment is not started in time. This happens because skin lesions greatly reduce the body's defenses, which ends up facilitating generalized infections in the body and the failure of several vital organs.

Therefore, whenever there is a suspicion of an abnormal reaction to some type of medication that you are taking, it is very important to go to the hospital to assess the situation and start the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

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