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Benefícios do Sal Rosa do Himalayan

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Benefícios do Sal Rosa do Himalayan
Benefícios do Sal Rosa do Himalayan

The main benefits of pink Himalayan s alt are its higher purity and lower amount of sodium when compared to common refined s alt. This characteristic makes Himalayan s alt an excellent alternative, especially for people with high blood pressure, people with kidney failure and problems with fluid retention. Check the amount of sodium in different types of s alt here.

Another difference that is also worth mentioning is the lower concentration of iodine in pink s alt, since it comes from a region naturally poor in this mineral and is not added by the industry, as in the case of common s alt.

Origin and properties of pink s alt

The color, texture, moisture and shape of a s alt depends on its origin.In the case of pink s alt, it is taken from the Himalayas, a set of mountains that spans five countries: Pakistan, India, China, Nepal and Bhutan. Its biggest production comes from the Khewra mine, which is in Pakistan and is the second largest s alt mine in the world.

Pink s alt formation happened when volcanic lavas covered s alt deposits created when sea waters still reached the Himalayan Mountains, protecting the s alt from all pollution and keeping it in a clean environment, which makes pink Himalayan s alt is considered the purest s alt on the planet and that it has a composition that includes more than 80 elements, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, which is responsible for the pink color of the s alt.

How to use Himalayan Pink S alt

Its flavor is milder than that of common s alt and does not interfere with the preparation of dishes, so it can perfectly replace refined s alt in preparation and at the table. Foods with a lot of water and that absorb s alt quickly, such as fish and seafood, vegetables and vegetables, are delicious with pink s alt, as it does not steal the flavor of the food.

Because it is a whole-grain s alt, pink s alt is available in grains, so a s alt grinder can be very useful for flavoring foods.

An important tip is to carefully dose the amount used when cooking or seasoning the dish. Because it contains less sodium and has a more delicate flavor, it can lead to overuse, which is not good for your he alth. Therefore, a good idea to obtain the perfect flavor is to combine it with other natural seasonings, such as garlic, onion, parsley and chives, for example.

Another way to include pink s alt is in the presentation of dishes. It can also be found in blocks that can be heated to prepare and serve vegetables, fish and shrimp.

How to recognize real pink s alt

The best way to recognize whether s alt is real or fake is to mix it with approximately 2 tablespoons in a glass of water. If the water turns pink or red, the s alt is probably fake, because real s alt just makes the water cloudy and doesn't release color.

Where to buy

Himalayan s alt can be found in he alth food stores or in the he althy eating section of supermarkets. Its price varies between 25 and 50 reais per kilo, although it is also found in smaller packages or with a grinder included.

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