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4 Ógreat reasons to eat Sushi

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4 Ógreat reasons to eat Sushi
4 Ógreat reasons to eat Sushi

Sushi is a very he althy type of preparation because traditionally it does not involve frying and increases the intake of fish, being the most popular way to eat seaweed, which is rich in fiber and iodine and, therefore, the 4 Top reasons to eat sushi include:

  1. No bad fats because sushi traditionally does not include fried foods;
  2. Rich in omega 3, present in raw fish, which facilitates blood circulation and prevents heart disease;
  3. Allows the consumption of algae that help detoxify the body, in addition to having fiber, calcium, iron and potassium. See more benefits here.
  4. Some pieces of sushi have fruit in their composition,which is a good source of vitamins and minerals;

However, to keep this preparation he althy, it is important not to use too much soy sauce, because it has a lot of s alt and can promote increased blood pressure, fluid retention and kidney stone formation.

Furthermore, the amounts of sauces added to sushi pieces should be avoided because they are usually high in sugar, and this is mainly what makes the meal more caloric.

Can pregnant eat sushi?

Eating sushi during pregnancy is not recommended because raw foods are more likely to cause food poisoning, which promotes episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, jeopardizing the transport of nutrients to the baby and, thus, may harm baby's development.

Furthermore, it is also not advisable to eat sushi while breastfeeding because if the mother has food poisoning, milk production may decrease due to dehydration, thus preventing the baby from breastfeeding effectively.

Furthermore, another reason why it is not recommended to eat sushi during pregnancy is because of the possibility of contamination with toxoplasmosis, when the woman has no immunity, because it is raw food. Read more at: Everything you can do to avoid getting toxoplasmosis in pregnancy.

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