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Conheça the Causes of Cervical Dysplasia Úterus

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Conheça the Causes of Cervical Dysplasia Úterus
Conheça the Causes of Cervical Dysplasia Úterus

Cervical dysplasia happens when there is a change in the cells located in the inner part of the uterus, which can be benign or malignant, depending on the type of cells with alteration that are found. This disease usually does not cause symptoms and does not progress to cancer, and in most cases it heals on its own.

This disease can arise due to several factors, such as early intimate contact, multiple sexual partners or infection with sexually transmitted diseases, especially HPV.

How the treatment is done

Cervical dysplasia is a disease that in the vast majority of cases cures itself. However, it is important to regularly monitor the evolution of the disease, in order to early diagnose possible complications that may require treatment.

Only in the most severe cases of severe dysplasia of the cervix, treatment may be necessary, which should be guided by a gynecologist. In some of these cases, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the affected cells and prevent the development of cancer.

How to prevent cervical dysplasia

To avoid cervical dysplasia, it is important that women protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases, especially HPV, and therefore should:

  • Avoid having multiple sexual partners;
  • Always use condoms during intimate contact;
  • No smoking.

Learn all about this disease by watching our video:

In addition to these measures, women can also be vaccinated against HPV up to the age of 45, thus reducing the chances of developing cervical dysplasia.

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