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Benefícios do Sal Marinho for Saúde

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Benefícios do Sal Marinho for Saúde
Benefícios do Sal Marinho for Saúde

Sea s alt is the s alt that results from the evaporation of sea water. As it does not go through the refinement process of common table s alt, mineral s alt, it has more minerals.

Although sea s alt has more minerals and is therefore better for your he alth than refined s alt, it is still s alt and, therefore, you should only consume 1 teaspoon a day, which are about 4 to 6 grams. Patients with hypertension should eliminate any type of s alt from their diet.

Sea s alt can be found thick, thin or in flakes, in pink, gray or black.

Key Benefits

The benefits of sea s alt are to provide important minerals for the body, such as iodine, thus fighting diseases such as goiter or thyroid problems. Another important benefit of s alt is to regulate the distribution of water in the body and blood pressure.

Adequate s alt consumption is important because low or high amounts of sodium in the blood are associated with heart or kidney disease, regardless of whether it is a deficiency or excess in the diet.

What is it for

Sea s alt is used to season foods with less s alt because it has a stronger flavor than refined s alt and is a simple way to increase the consumption of minerals. In addition, sea s alt is an excellent homemade solution for a sore or irritated throat.

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