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Pinguecula ocular: what é and how to treat

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Pinguecula ocular: what é and how to treat
Pinguecula ocular: what é and how to treat

The pinguecula is characterized by a yellowish spot on the eye, with a triangular shape, which corresponds to the growth of a tissue made up of proteins, fat and calcium, located in the conjunctiva of the eye.

Usually, this tissue appears in the region of the eye closest to the nose, but it can also appear in other places. Pinguecula can appear at any age, but is more common in older people.

In most cases, treatment is not necessary, however, in the presence of discomfort or vision changes, it may be necessary to use eye drops and ointments or even resort to surgery. When this stain extends along the cornea, it is called a pterygium and can lead to more serious complications.Learn more about the Pterygium.

Possible causes

The causes that may be at the origin of pinguecula are exposure to UV radiation, dust or wind. In addition, people who are older or who suffer from dry eyes are at a higher risk of suffering from this problem.

What are the symptoms

The most common symptoms that can be caused by pinguecula in the eye are dry and irritated eye sensation, foreign body sensation in the eye, swelling, redness, blurred vision and itching in the eye.

How the treatment is done

It is usually not necessary to perform pinguecula treatment unless there is a lot of associated discomfort. In these cases, if the person experiences eye pain or irritation, the doctor may recommend applying eye drops or ointment to soothe the redness and irritation.

If the person is uncomfortable with the appearance of the stain, if the stain affects vision, causes extreme discomfort when wearing contact lenses, or if the eye remains inflamed even when using eye drops or ophthalmic ointments, the doctor may advise performing surgery.

To prevent pinguecula or aid in treatment, protect the eyes from UV rays and apply eye lubricating solutions or artificial tears to prevent dry eye.

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