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Fainting during pregnancy is bad for the babyê?

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Fainting during pregnancy is bad for the babyê?
Fainting during pregnancy is bad for the babyê?

If you are feeling faint or have fainted during pregnancy, you should try to relate what happened moments before to try to identify the cause so that it can be ruled out. Usually the woman wakes up in a few moments and there is no great reason for concern, but it is important to let the doctor know what happened so that he can investigate the cause.

Fainting in pregnancy usually occurs when the pressure is too low or there is hypoglycemia because the woman has not eaten for more than 3 hours. But the pregnant woman can also faint or feel like she is going to faint when standing up too fast or in case of severe pain, seizures, anemia, use of alcohol or medication, excessive physical activity or in case of cardiovascular or neurological problems.

What to do if you faint during pregnancy

If you are feeling faint, try sitting with your head tilted forward or lying on your side, breathing slowly and deeply as this improves the feeling of weakness and fainting.

Although fainting itself is temporary, falling can cause great discomfort and can even harm the baby. So, if you are feeling weak and faint, ask someone nearby to help you, to avoid falling to the ground.

Fainting is normal and more common in early pregnancy because that is when the placenta is being formed and the woman's body has not yet been able to produce all the blood that her body, placenta and baby need. However, this should not be a sensation that happens daily, so if this is the case, talk to your doctor.

How to avoid low blood pressure in pregnancy

It is recommended to adopt some simple but important strategies, such as:

  • Avoid sitting or lying down for a long time;
  • Avoid sudden changes in position such as getting up too fast;
  • Don't go more than 3 without eating anything;
  • Avoid very hot or stuffy places, with little air circulation;
  • If you feel weak, lie down with your legs elevated to facilitate the arrival of blood to the brain, preventing fainting.

When the woman recovers from fainting, she can have juice or yogurt to raise her blood pressure and feel better.

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