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What is the Fumária for and how to use it

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What is the Fumária for and how to use it
What is the Fumária for and how to use it

Fumaria, also known as soft grass, pombinha and smoke-from-earth, is a medicinal plant with the scientific name Fumaria officinalis, which grows in small bushes, and has gray-green leaves. and white or pink flowers with a red tip.

This plant has depurative, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties and, therefore, can be used to relieve intestinal cramps, constipation and treat urticaria, scabies and psoriasis. Smokehouse can be found in he alth food stores and in some compounding pharmacies.

What is it for

Smoky has depurative, diuretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory properties and can also be used as a regulator of bile secretion and skin regenerator and, thus, could be used in several situations, such as:

  • Improve digestion;
  • Fighting constipation;
  • Normalize bile secretion;
  • Help relieve heavy stomach feeling and nausea;
  • Help in the treatment of gallstones;
  • Relieve menstrual cramps.

Furthermore, the smokehouse could also be used to relieve skin changes, such as hives, scabies and psoriasis, for example, it is important to continue the treatment for the change according to the doctor's recommendation and make use of the also under medical or phytotherapist recommendation.

How to use

The commonly used parts of the smokehouse are the stem, leaves and flowers, which can be used to prepare tea. To do this, just add a teaspoon of dried and chopped smokehouse to 1 cup of boiling water. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then strain it, sweeten it with honey and drink 1 to 3 cups a day.

Due to the bitter taste of fume tea, mixing it with fruit juice can be an alternative mixing a cup of cold fume tea with apple juice for example.

Possible side effects and contraindications

The maximum daily consumption of smokehouse should be 3 cups of tea, as excessive use can cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. In addition, the smokehouse is contraindicated for people who have hypersensitivity to this plant, for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

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