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7 possíbenefís of wine for saúde (and recommended amount)

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7 possíbenefís of wine for saúde (and recommended amount)
7 possíbenefís of wine for saúde (and recommended amount)

Wine contains resveratrol, a compound present mainly in the skins of purple grapes and which has antioxidant properties, which can help prevent some diseases, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

In addition, the other antioxidants present in red wine, such as tannins and flavonoids, also contain prebiotic action, helping to increase the quantity and quality of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, decreasing inflammation and helping to strengthen the immune system. Learn about other he alth benefits of antioxidants.

However, excessive wine consumption is harmful and can contribute to some he alth problems such as alcoholism, cancer and high blood pressure.Also, because it contains alcohol, wine is not recommended for some people, such as those under 18 and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some of the possible he alth benefits of drinking red wine are:

  1. Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis,because it helps increase HDL levels, the “good cholesterol”, in addition to helping to lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol, which LDL, in the blood;
  2. Help prevent blood pressure,by helping to relax blood vessels, facilitating blood circulation;
  3. Preventing cancer,helping to fight free radicals, one of those responsible for damage to he althy cells in the body;
  4. Help in the treatment of chronic diseases,such as arthritis or skin problems, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action;
  5. Prevent thrombosis and stroke,because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, preventing the oxidation of fat cells and the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries;
  6. Strengthen the immune system,as it contains anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties, improving the quality and quantity of beneficial bacteria in the gut and strengthening immune system cells;
  7. Help prevent diabetes,because the drink's antioxidant properties can prevent resistance to insulin, the hormone responsible for controlling blood glucose levels.

It is important to remember that these possible benefits can only be obtained with moderate consumption of wine. It is also worth mentioning that there are still no studies carried out for long periods that prove the direct relationship between the consumption of red wine and its he alth benefits.

In addition, the antioxidants present in wine can also be found in high amounts in other foods, such as grapes and purple grape juice, cocoa and berries, offering the same he alth benefits.

Nutrition Facts Table

The following table provides the nutritional information for 100 ml of red wine, white wine and grape juice:


Red wine

White wine

Grape juice


85 kcal 82 kcal 60 kcal


2, 6 g 2, 6 g 14, 8 g


0, 1 g 0, 1 g 0, 4 g


-- -- 0, 1 g


10, 6 g 10, 3 g --


0.5 mg 0, 1 mg 0, 11 mg


7 mg -- 62 mg

To achieve the possible benefits of drinking wine, it is also essential to maintain a balanced and he althy diet, associated with regular physical exercise.

Maximum recommended amount

The American Heart Association recommends that a safe daily wine intake be up to 148 ml for women and up to 295 ml for men, considering that wine contains up to 12% alcohol.

What are the possible harms

Excessive wine consumption can increase the risk of developing some types of cancer, such as mouth, breast, throat, liver and esophagus.

In addition, excessive wine intake can also cause other problems such as liver cirrhosis, memory problems, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Who cannot drink wine

Wine should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Just as this drink is not recommended for people under 18 years of age and for people who are driving.

People who are undergoing treatment or recovery from alcoholism or who have difficulties controlling the amount of alcohol consumption should not consume wine.

Also, people who use medication regularly or who have he alth problems should always consult a doctor before consuming wine.

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