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Endermotherapy: what is it for, like é made and contraindicatedções

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Endermotherapy: what is it for, like é made and contraindicatedções
Endermotherapy: what is it for, like é made and contraindicatedções

Endermotherapy, also known as endermology, is an aesthetic treatment that consists of performing a deep massage using specific equipment and which aims to promote the elimination of cellulite and localized fat, especially in the belly, legs and arms, as the device stimulates blood circulation.

This type of treatment is usually done by a beautician or physical therapist specialized in endermology and despite being considered a safe procedure with benefits, endermotherapy is not indicated for people with active infections, history of thrombosis and women pregnant women as it stimulates blood circulation and can lead to complications in these situations.

What is endermotherapy for

Endermotherapy is an aesthetic procedure that can be indicated for several benefits, the main ones being:

  • Treatment of cellulite;
  • Treatment of localized fat;
  • Skin toning;
  • Improvement of silhouette;
  • After plastic surgery;
  • Fighting fluid retention;
  • Detachment of attached scar, common in cesarean section scar;

In addition, this type of treatment can help to undo the fibrosis, which corresponds to the hardened tissues that form under the scar, or after liposuction when the treated region has small ripples where the cannula passed.

How it works

Endermologie is a technique that consists of performing an intense massage with a specific device, which "sucks" the skin, promoting the sliding and detachment of the skin, the layer of fat and the fascia that covers the muscles, promoting improved blood circulation, eliminating fluid retention, shaping the body and making the skin brighter and softer.

Usually, endermology is performed by a beautician or physical therapist using a specific vacuum and ultrasound device that stimulates blood flow, breaks up cellulite nodules and eliminates toxins. However, this technique can also be used with glass or silicone suction cups, being easy to apply at home, during the bath, for example.

In general, the results of endermotherapy appear after 10 to 15 30-minute sessions, and it is recommended to perform about twice a week. However, the number of sessions may vary according to the purpose of the treatment and the size of the region to be treated.

Who shouldn't

Endermotherapy is considered a safe procedure, however as it stimulates blood circulation, it is not recommended for people who have infections or active inflammation, nor for people who have a history of thrombosis, varicose veins or problems related to blood circulation.Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Usually, endermotherapy does not cause complications, however, there may be an increase in sensitivity or the appearance of bruises due to the suction performed in the region, and these effects should be reported to the professional who performed the treatment.

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