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Reméhome remedy for hematoma

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Reméhome remedy for hematoma
Reméhome remedy for hematoma

Two great homemade options to eliminate bruises, which are the purple marks that can appear on the skin, are the aloe vera compress, or Aloe Vera, as it is also known, and the arnica ointment, as both have anti-aging properties. -inflammatory and healing, helping to eliminate the hematoma more easily.

In addition to these home remedy options, one of the ways to eliminate a bruise is to apply ice to the region in gentle movements, as it also helps to eliminate the bruise. Check out some tips to eliminate bruises.

Aloe compress

An excellent home remedy to remove a bruise is to apply an aloe vera compress on the site, as aloe vera is able to nourish the skin, which makes the bruise disappear in a few days.

To make the compress, just cut 1 aloe leaf and remove the gelatinous pulp from its interior, apply to the purple area several times a day, making smooth and circular movements.

A good tip is to pass a fine-tooth comb directly over the bruise for a few minutes, as this helps to spread the blood, facilitating its absorption by the body. See what aloe is for.

Arnica ointment

Arnica is a medicinal plant that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing and cardiotonic action, helping to regenerate the skin and eliminate bruises more easily.

One of the ways to use arnica is in the form of an ointment, which should be applied to the bruised area. In addition to being available in pharmacies, arnica ointment can be made at home using beeswax, olive oil, and arnica leaves and flowers. Learn how to make arnica ointment.

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