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4 téphysiotherapy techniques to relieve psoriatic arthritisátic

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4 téphysiotherapy techniques to relieve psoriatic arthritisátic
4 téphysiotherapy techniques to relieve psoriatic arthritisátic

Physiotherapeutic treatment for psoriatic arthritis depends on the severity of the disease and should be aimed at relieving symptoms and improving the function of each affected joint. and physical therapy becomes ineffective. Thus, the treatment consists of a combination of medication, equipment and physical therapy exercises.

The main symptoms in the case of arthritis caused by psoriasis are pain and stiffness of the joint, which may cause swelling and deformity, in addition to changes in posture as a way of protecting the pain site, decreased muscle strength and Physiotherapy is able to alleviate all these symptoms, improving the person's quality of life.

Some treatment options used in physiotherapy can be exercises to develop muscle strength and joint range and other techniques such as massage therapy to relieve joint pain. Check it out:

1. Use of moist heat

Moist heat can be done with paraffin gloves or warm water compresses, for example. The action time should be approximately 20 minutes, which is enough to promote sweating, increase blood circulation and relaxation of muscles and joints, being a great option to be used before performing joint mobilization techniques and stretching to increase amplitude. of movements.

2. Exercises

Should be performed especially after warming up the joint. A good example for the hands is to try to open the hand, resting on a table, keeping the fingers apart. You can open and close your hand with slow, repetitive movements.

The rock, paper, scissors game is a fun way to encourage the opening and closing of the hands, which can be done several times during the day, being very easy for the person to adhere to as a form of home treatment. The game consists of a competition between 2 people, similar to the odd or even game. However:

  • A stone crushes scissors but paper wraps stone;
  • The paper wraps the rock but the scissors cut the paper;
  • A scissors cuts the paper but it is the rock that crushes the scissors.

To play you need to be facing the opponent hiding your hand. When to speak: Rock, paper or scissors, each one has to make the movement with the hand that defines their object at the same time.

3. Mobilization

The affected joint tends to be very stiff and therefore mobilizing them with small rhythmic and repetitive movements is very useful because it increases the production of synovial fluid that naturally hydrates it.These small exercises must be performed by the physical therapist because they are very specific.

4. Postural exercises

In people with psoriatic arthritis there is a tendency to try to 'hide' by assuming a more 'hunchbacked' posture and closed hands. Thus, to counter these patterns of bad posture, Clinical Pilates exercises are excellent options because they are performed with the hands slightly closed and with the fingers stretched out in a more correct posture, strengthening the muscles of the back and the back of the legs.

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