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5 homemade tricks to relieve burnt water l&iacute

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5 homemade tricks to relieve burnt water l&iacute
5 homemade tricks to relieve burnt water l&iacute

Sucking on ice cream, making mouthwash with concentrated aloe vera juice or chewing mint gum, are small home tricks that help relieve the discomfort and symptoms of a burnt tongue.

Tongue burn is something that often happens when drinks or very hot foods are ingested, such as hot tea or coffee, for example. When this happens, there is a burning sensation, pain, redness, increased sensitivity, swelling, or even discoloration of the tongue.

To treat a burnt tongue there are some homemade tricks that help relieve symptoms:

1. Eat something cold

As soon as the burn occurs, it is recommended to eat something cold to refresh the affected region, in order to lower the local temperature and reduce the burning.Therefore, in these situations what you can do is have an ice cream, drink something cold or suck on a popsicle or an ice cube.

Furthermore, both yogurt and gelatin are also great options to eat after a burn on the tongue because they refresh and hydrate the region and due to their texture, when these foods slide over the tongue, these foods end up reducing pain and discomfort. burn discomfort.

2. Drink lots of water

Water can also be beneficial when there are tongue burns, as it helps balance the pH of the mouth, reducing acidity levels. In addition, water is responsible for keeping the skin and mucous membranes well hydrated, which helps with burn recovery.

3. Mouthwash with concentrated aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant with anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing properties and, therefore, is ideal for relieving symptoms of burning tongue. Learn about other benefits of aloe.

In addition to being a delicious trick, mouthwashes made with the natural juice of this plant help the tongue mucosa to recover and heal, relieving the initial symptoms of pain, discomfort and burning sensation.

4. Eat 1 spoon of honey with propolis

Although not the most delicious combination, honey with propolis is an excellent combination to help treat and hydrate the tongue mucosa. While honey helps to soften and soothe the tongue mucosa, propolis has properties that help in tissue regeneration and healing. Find out what propolis is for.

Thus, it is recommended to add 1 or 2 drops of propolis to 1 tablespoon of honey, placing the mixture on the tongue and letting it act in the mouth as long as possible.

5. Sucking on a cough lozenge

Sucking on a cough lozenge can be a great remedy for relieving a stinging and burning sensation on the tongue, as they often contain menthol which acts as a local anesthetic, relieving pain and numbing the burned site.

In addition, mint gum is also an excellent option, as the act of chewing gum helps to reduce acidity in the mouth, stimulating the production of saliva, while mint has an anti-inflammatory and soothing that relieves the symptoms of pain and burning.

What to do to speed up recovery

During recovery, or while symptoms remain, it is recommended to avoid foods that are very acidic or very s alty such as passion fruit, pineapple, snacks or olives, for example, as they can end up worsening the symptoms.

When there is no improvement in symptoms and the pain and discomfort in the tongue are very strong or when there are signs of a sore on the tongue, it is recommended to go to the hospital or emergency room, as a more serious burn may have occurred. of medical treatment.

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