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How to change a bedridden person's diaper (in 8 steps)

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How to change a bedridden person's diaper (in 8 steps)
How to change a bedridden person's diaper (in 8 steps)

The diaper of a bedridden person should be checked every 3 hours and changed whenever it is soiled with urine or feces, to increase comfort and prevent the appearance of diaper rash. Thus, it is possible that at least 4 diapers are used a day due to urine.

Usually, the geriatric diaper, which is easily found in pharmacies and supermarkets, should only be used in bedridden people who cannot control the urge to urinate or defecate, such as after a stroke, for example. In other cases, it is recommended to always try to take the person to the bathroom first or use a bedpan so that control of the sphincters is not lost over time.

To prevent the person from falling out of bed during the diaper change, it is recommended that the change is carried out by two people or that the bed is leaning against the wall. Then you should:

  1. Remove the diaper and clean the genital area with gauze or moist tissues, removing most of the dirt from the genital area towards the anus, to avoid urinary infections;
  2. Fold the diaper so that the outside and clean part is facing up;
  3. Turn the person to one side of the bed. Here's a simple way to turn on a bedridden person;
  4. Wipe the butt and anal region again with another gauze soaked in soapy water or with moist tissues, removing the feces with a movement from the genital region towards the anus;
  5. Remove the dirty diaper and place a clean one on the bed, leaning against your butt.
  6. Dry the genital area and anal area with a dry gauze, towel or cotton diaper;
  7. Apply a diaper rash cream, such as Hypoglos or B-panthenol, to prevent skin irritation;
  8. Turn the person over the clean diaper and close the diaper, taking care not to get too tight.

If the bed is articulated, it is advisable that it is elevated at the caregiver's hip level and completely horizontal, to facilitate diaper changes.

Material needed to change diaper

The material needed to change a bedridden person's diaper and which should be on hand at the time of changing includes:

  • 1 clean, dry diaper;
  • 1 Basin with warm soapy water;
  • Clean and dry gauze, towel or cotton diaper.

An alternative to gauzes soaked in warm soapy water is the use of baby wipes, such as Pamper's or Johnson's, which can be purchased at any pharmacy or supermarket, for an average price of 8 reais per pack.

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