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As é done treatment for dysfunção erétil

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As é done treatment for dysfunção erétil
As é done treatment for dysfunção erétil

Erectile dysfunction is a relatively common problem, but it has a cure. For this, it is necessary to carry out an adequate medical evaluation in a urologist, to identify the cause of the problem and define the best treatment option.

Some of the most commonly used therapies to treat erectile dysfunction include couples therapy, medication, injections, vacuum devices or, as a last resort, surgery to place a penile prosthesis, for example.

It is important to highlight that maintaining quality of life and he alth is of fundamental importance to avoid erectile dysfunction. Control of sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are essential.The use of drugs, cigarettes and excessive consumption of alcohol should also be avoided.

The treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the cause that may be at its origin, such as:

1. Stress and psychological pressure

Usually this type of erectile dysfunction, known as "psychological impotence", must be treated through psychological or psychiatric follow-up, preferably as a couple.

The psychological cause is quite frequent, and can happen as a result of overwork, stress, bad sexual experiences in childhood or even in adulthood. Erectile dysfunction is often related to a specific event and has a sudden onset, such as after marital separation, change in affection for the partner or financial problems.

Normally, in cases of psychological dysfunction, morning and night erections are maintained, requiring medication only if there is some other associated organic cause.

2. Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction that arises due to diabetes is curable, and it is necessary to keep all factors related to the disease under control. Vascular changes, neurological complications, psychological factors, hormonal changes and side effects of typical diabetes medications must be properly controlled.

Treatment of this type of dysfunction is done through the control of sugar and blood pressure values, maintenance of ideal weight, physical exercise and periodic visits to the doctor.

3. Cigarette use

The first step in treating erectile dysfunction by smoking is to stop smoking. Cigarettes reduce the flow of blood in the blood vessels of the male sexual organ, making erection difficult or even preventing it, causing dysfunction.

These changes can happen slowly, but it all depends on the number of cigarettes smoked per day, time of smoking and association with other risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

The doctor may also prescribe some type of treatment to help stop smoking or drugs that act directly on the male organ during intimate contact, such as sildenafil and apomorphine hydrochloride.

Other treatments for erectile dysfunction

Basically treatment for erectile dysfunction may include:

  • Psychological treatment: if the cause of the dysfunction is stress, anxiety, depression;
  • Medicines: such as viagra or male hormones;
  • Special food: based on spices such as garlic, onion and oregano;
  • Injections into the penis: With medication indicated before intimate contact;
  • Surgery: Placement of devices that help with erection;
  • Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction;
  • Vacuum device: stimulate erection by increasing blood supply to the site.

Whatever the origin of erectile dysfunction, it is usually curable. It is enough for the man to seek medical help and start treatment as soon as possible to improve his quality of life.

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