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Esthetic treatments for cellulite

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Esthetic treatments for cellulite
Esthetic treatments for cellulite

Aesthetic treatments, such as radiofrequency, lipocavitation and endermology, manage to eliminate cellulite, leaving the skin smooth and free from the appearance of 'orange peel' because they manage to eliminate the causes of cellulite.

However, the ideal is to associate food, physical exercise and the use of cellulite creams because the cause of cellulite involves many factors. See what you can do at home to help: Home treatment for cellulite.

Some examples of aesthetic treatments against cellulite, which should be performed by a physiotherapist specialized in dermato-functional, are:

1- Lymphatic drainage

Eliminates the interstitial fluid found outside the cells, decreases skin undulations, eliminates toxins, improving the appearance of cellulite, thus increasing the patient's self-esteem.

However, lymphatic drainage should not be used exclusively because it alone cannot eliminate cellulite and therefore must be performed in association with the other treatments mentioned below.

Contraindications: In case of fever, during pregnancy, drainage should not be performed in the abdomen and heels, and also in case of cancer, local inflammation, infection, injuries on the skin, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, decompensated diabetes, acute eczema.

2- Cellulite creams

Anti-cellulite creams with gotu kola are the best because they help in the breakdown of the fat molecule, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, decreasing fibrosis and promoting the production of collagen fibers that make the skin firmer.

These creams can also be used during the modeling massage, which consists of vigorous and fast movements that manage to change the appearance of the skin. See examples at: Cellulite creams.

Just apply the cream every day right after showering, until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

3- Lipovitation

It is an ultrasound treatment that penetrates deeply into the body, breaking down fat molecules. This technique must be performed at least once a week and must be followed by a lymphatic drainage session so that all toxins and excess fluids are really eliminated. Learn more: Lipocavitation.

After the fat cells are broken down, this is eliminated and goes part to the liver and part to the lymphatic current, so you should do exercises 4 hours after the treatment so that the fat is completely eliminated.

Contraindications: In case of hearing disease, treatment can be difficult due to noise, vascular insufficiency, metallic implant in the place to be treated and diseases that affect the bones.In case of high cholesterol, exercises must be performed after each session so that the cholesterol in the bloodstream does not increase.

How does ultrasound work on the skin?

How lymphatic drainage is performed

4- Radiofrequency

It consists of an equipment that eliminates fat cells, contracts existing collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen cells, leaving the skin firmer and more uniform. This treatment can also be performed once a week and a lymphatic drainage session should be performed right after, or up to 4 hours later to eliminate all the toxins involved. See how it's done: Radiofrequency.

Contraindications: Fever, pregnancy: on top of the abdomen, cancer, metallic prosthesis in the region to be treated, uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes due to altered sensitivity in the area to be treated.

5- Endermologie

The endermology equipment slides over the skin making a suction that detaches the skin from the muscles, reducing their depressions. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and redistributes the fat layer more evenly, improving the patient's curves, reducing the treated areas by a few centimeters.

Contraindications: In case of changes in blood circulation such as thrombosis, kidney and liver diseases and infections.

6- Carboxytherapy

Consists of applying several injections under the skin to put carbon dioxide on the site, stretching the skin. Carboxytherapy promotes microcirculation in the tissues affected by cellulite, improving the arrival of nutrients necessary to remodel the region. It also promotes the breakdown of the cell that stores fat, which is closely linked to the cause of cellulite. Learn more: Carboxitherapy.

These aesthetic treatments can be performed 1 or 2 times a week, and after each session, moderate physical exercise should be performed for at least 1 hour, followed by a manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage session, also called pressotherapy, because with this protocol it is possible to eliminate the fat and liquids involved in cellulite as well as improve the appearance of the skin.However, it is important to reduce the consumption of fat and sugar so that they do not give rise to new nodules of cellulite.

How to evaluate the results

The result of cellulite treatment can be seen after at least 3 sessions. After this period, the results can be evaluated by observing the region with the naked eye, through photographs, or in a more reliable way, which is through the thermography used by physical therapists.

The total number of sessions varies depending on the size of the area affected by cellulite and the degree of cellulite, the greater the degree of cellulite, the longer the treatment time.

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