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Exercíproprioception exercisesção for knee recoveryçã

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Exercíproprioception exercisesção for knee recoveryçã
Exercíproprioception exercisesção for knee recoveryçã

Proprioception exercises help in the recovery of injuries to the knee joint or ligaments because they force the body to adapt to the injury, preventing the affected area from exerting too much effort in daily activities, such as running, walking or climbing stairs, for example.

These exercises should be done every day for 1 to 6 months, until you are able to do the exercises without losing your balance or until your orthopedist or physical therapist tells you to.

Generally, knee proprioception is used in the recovery of sports injuries such as strokes, meniscus tear, torn ligaments or tendonitis because it allows the athlete to continue training without affecting the injured site.In addition, these exercises can also be used in the recovery of orthopedic surgeries or in the simplest injuries, such as knee sprains.

How to do knee proprioception exercises

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Some proprioception exercises used in knee recovery are:

  • Exercise 1: Stand and lift the foot opposite the injured knee, holding this position for 30 seconds and repeating 3 times. The difficulty of the exercise can be increased by putting your arms up or closing your eyes, for example;
  • Exercise 2: Lie on your back on the floor with your feet against a wall and, with the foot of the affected knee, hold a soccer ball against the wall. Rotate the ball with your foot without dropping it for 30 seconds, repeating 3 times.

These exercises should, whenever possible, be guided by a physical therapist to adapt the exercise to the specific injury and adapt to the evolution phase of recovery, increasing the results.

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