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How to have a defined belly

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How to have a defined belly
How to have a defined belly

To have a defined belly, you need to have a low body fat percentage, close to 20% for women and 18% for men. These values ​​are still within he alth standards.

Both the exercises and the oriented diet, for fat loss and to have a defined belly, must be followed, at least 3 months. That way, you can observe yourself, evaluate the results and make changes in training or diet, in order to achieve a defined belly faster.

The time to achieve a defined belly is around three months,counting on a body fat index (BMI) close to 18 and a targeted and targeted training, for a trained physical activity professional.

How to have a defined belly

To have a defined belly is important:

  • Slimming (if the amount of body fat is high)
  • Have a low-fat, targeted diet
  • Do some physical activity regularly that involves high energy expenditure

Body fat is very difficult to burn, especially in the belly of women, since the uterus is located in this region and is coated with fat. That's why just training doesn't help to quickly achieve a defined belly, if there is not a lower fat intake in food.

Diet to achieve a defined belly

The diet to achieve a defined belly should involve:

  1. Frequent water intake. Water, in addition to helping to keep the intestines regular, helps rid the body of toxins, keeping the body and organs, such as the kidneys and liver, he althy.
  2. Avoid eating fat. A good strategy to reduce fat consumption is to start by eliminating saturated fats and this involves butter, meat fats and of processed foods,such as lasagna or cookies and crackers. The suggestion here is a diet with natural foods, without processing.
  3. Eat regular and rich meals This means eating a variety of foods, preferably of organic origin, in small volumes and frequently, every 3 hours, for example, throughout the day. This will keep the glycemic curve controlled and the physical and mental well-being The consequence of this habit is the reduction of calories consumed daily.

Exercise to define the abs

The best exercises to have a defined belly are those that work the abdominal region, such as the abdominal plank or hypopressive gymnastics, for example. See how to make the board in this video:

For best results, these exercises should be performed daily. If you experience any pain when performing any of these exercises, seek professional guidance to perform them.

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