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Orthopedic diseases 2023

Exercíproprioceps exercisesção for shoulder recoveryção shoulder

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Exercíproprioceps exercisesção for shoulder recoveryção shoulder
Exercíproprioceps exercisesção for shoulder recoveryção shoulder

Proprioception exercises accelerate recovery from injuries to the shoulder joint, ligaments, muscles or tendons because they help the body adapt to the affected limb, avoiding unnecessary efforts during daily activities, such as moving the arm, picking up objects or cleaning the house, for example.

Usually, shoulder proprioception exercises should be done daily between 1 to 6 months, until you are able to do the exercises without difficulty or until your orthopedist or physical therapist tells you to.

Shoulder proprioception is used not only in the recovery of sports injuries such as strokes, dislocation or bursitis, but in the recovery of orthopedic surgeries or in simpler injuries, such as shoulder tendinitis, for example.

How to do shoulder proprioception exercises

Some proprioception exercises used in shoulder recovery include:

Exercise 1:

Exercise 1

Exercise 1

Being on all fours, as shown in image 1, then lift the arm without the injury, close your eyes and maintain the position for 30 seconds, repeating 3 times;

Exercise 2:

Exercise 2

Stand in front of a wall with a tennis ball in the hand of the affected shoulder. Then lift one foot and maintain balance while throwing the ball against the wall 20 times. Repeat the exercise 4 times and, each time, change the foot that is raised;

Exercise 3:

Exercise 3

Stand up and hold, with the arm of the affected shoulder, a soccer ball against a wall, as shown in image 2. Then, rotate the ball, avoiding bending the arm, for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

These exercises should, whenever possible, be guided by a physical therapist to adapt the exercise to the specific injury and adapt to the evolution phase of recovery, increasing the results.

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