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Comminuted fracture: what é, treatment and recoveryção

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Comminuted fracture: what é, treatment and recoveryção
Comminuted fracture: what é, treatment and recoveryção

The comminuted fracture is characterized by the breaking of the bone in more than two fragments, what happens mainly due to high impact situations, such as car accidents, with a firearm or serious falls.

Treatment for this type of fracture is done through surgery, in which the fragments are removed or repositioned according to the severity of the fracture. In some cases, the orthopedist may recommend placing metal plates to prevent fragment displacement and accelerate the regeneration process.

How the treatment is done

Treatment for comminuted fracture varies according to the lesion site and amount of fragments.In most cases, the orthopedist recommends performing surgery to remove the smaller fragments and fix the fractured segments, favoring recovery and preventing the bone fragments from moving to other parts of the body and leading to the occurrence of complications, such as hemorrhage or organ damage, for example.

What is recovery like

Recovery varies according to the type of injury and the general condition of the patient. In the case of a comminuted fracture of the mandible, for example, whether due to car accidents or firearms, recovery involves performing speech therapy sessions, so that the person can articulate the mandible correctly and speak naturally, in addition to physiotherapy, to also favor jaw movement.

Physiotherapy is essential for recovery after surgeries for comminuted fractures, as it allows the affected region to be stimulated, returning mobility to the affected region, promoting strength gain and thus preventing loss of movement or atrophy, for example.Learn how to recover from a fracture faster.

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