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Learn the amount of chá that you can take a day

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Learn the amount of chá that you can take a day
Learn the amount of chá that you can take a day

Most teas can be taken daily in small amounts without harming your he alth, however some teas such as green tea should not be taken for more than 3 consecutive weeks as they can raise blood pressure. Diuretic teas, on the other hand, can cause hypovolemia, due to lack of fluid and blood in the body, a situation that can lead to cardiac arrest.

Therefore, the amount of tea you can drink depends a lot on the objective you want. For example, ginger tea to lose weight can be taken up to 1 liter a day, while if it is to treat nausea, it can only be taken 2 cups a day.

Although natural, to drink tea freely during pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman should ask her doctor if she can or not, because there are herbs that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Check out the teas that pregnant women cannot drink.

How to make tea

To make tea correctly, it is necessary to first boil the water, turn off the heat and then add the herbs, letting it rest for 3 to 5 minutes, so that the water mixes with the herbs, releasing their essential oils. Afterwards, the herbs must be removed so that the tea is not too intense and bitter.

How to drink tea without harming your he alth

Here are some examples of how much tea you can drink a day and for how long without harming your he alth.

1. Horsetail tea

For urinary infection you can drink 4 to 5 cups of horsetail tea for 1 day. If the urinary tract infection does not improve, consult your doctor, as you may need to take antibiotics. Learn more about how to treat it at: Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection.

2. Green Tea

When you drink green tea to lose weight, you should drink up to 4 cups of tea daily, before 5 pm to avoid insomnia, for 3 weeks and follow a balanced diet with few calories.

3. Yellow uxi tea and cat's claw

To help fight polycystic ovary, yellow uxi tea and cat's claw should be prepared separately, 2 cups of yellow uxi tea in the morning and 2 cups of cat's claw tea can be taken in the afternoon. These teas can be taken for many days as they have no side effects. Learn more about these teas at: Home remedy for polycystic ovary.

4. Sucupira tea

You can drink 1 liter of sucupira tea for 15 days to help fight osteoarthritis and rheumatism. In addition, sucupira can also be used in capsules, 2 to 3 capsules per day.

5. Mint tea

To help calm you down, you can drink 1 liter of mint tea throughout the day, for up to 3 weeks.

6. Pomegranate peel tea

To relieve a sore throat, you can drink 3 cups of pomegranate peel tea a day for 2 days. If the sore throat worsens, consult a doctor as it may be necessary to take anti-inflammatories.

7. Melissa tea

To help fight insomnia, drink 3 cups of tea throughout the day, 1 cup before bed, for 3 weeks. See also: What to do to end insomnia in this video:

8. Ginger and Cinnamon Tea

Ginger and cinnamon tea helps to relieve cough with phlegm, just drink 2 cups a day of this tea for 3 days. If the cough worsens, consult a doctor because cough syrup may be necessary.

9. Parsley Tea

Parsley tea is a good natural diuretic and you should drink 4 cups of this tea a day for 3 weeks to help deflate the body.

Teas help relieve symptoms and fight diseases, but they do not replace medicines and should always be taken with the doctor's knowledge.

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