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Vibrating platformória: what é, benefícios and how it works

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Vibrating platformória: what é, benefícios and how it works
Vibrating platformória: what é, benefícios and how it works

The vibrating platform is a piece of equipment that can be found in some gyms and whose main objective is to enhance the results of the exercises performed, favoring an increase in muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and fat burning, in addition to promoting he alth and strengthening of bones.

The equipment has motors that generate movements to the sides, forwards and backwards at such a fast speed that what you feel is just vibration, being necessary to exert muscular strength and hold on tight so as not to get unbalanced during the whole time the device is on.

Benefits of the vibrating platform

The benefits of the vibrating platform are related to the strength and muscle contraction that needs to be performed to avoid imbalance. So, some of the benefits of the vibrating platform are:

  • Increased strength and muscular endurance;
  • Burning fat, mainly visceral fat, which is the fat found between the organs and which is therefore more difficult to eliminate;
  • Increased muscle flexibility;
  • It favors blood circulation, having an impact on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Promotes bone he alth;
  • Helps relieve pain;
  • Strengthens joints.

However, in order for the benefits of the vibrating platform to be guaranteed, it is recommended that, in addition to the exercises performed outside the platform, other exercises are also performed, as this way there is greater muscle activation.

Thus, to enhance the use of the platform, you should perform muscle contraction exercises with dumbbells, balls or elastic bands so that the gain in strength and increase in muscle volume is really achieved. The use of equipment such as a foam roller to slide the hamstrings on top of the platform can also increase flexibility in this region.

Staying still on the platform is not enough to have all the benefits, however it can be useful in the injury rehabilitation process, being used in physiotherapy.

Does vibrating platform work?

The vibrating platform works when its use is monitored by a physical therapist or physical education professional so that exercises are indicated to enhance the effects of the platform and the exercises performed previously. Therefore, the results obtained through the vibrating platform vary according to the person's training level:

  • Sedentary person who is standing on the platform: may not have many results, being most often performed in the treatment of injuries;
  • He althy people who already practice physical activity: may have a small increase in strength and muscle volume when performing training on this equipment, however, greater results would be obtained when increasing weight in your workouts, without the need for the platform;
  • Sedentary person who starts training with muscle contraction exercises on top of the platform: are those who have the greatest gains in strength and muscle volume and fat burning.

Vibrating platform devices are expensive for most people and the more economical devices are usually less powerful and therefore have even fewer benefits. If you are a he althy person and want to do strength training with the vibrating platform, it is best to take a class at a gym that has this type of equipment.

How to use

The use of the vibrating platform is indicated during group classes at the gym, because the instructor indicates which exercises should be performed so that the person has the maximum possible benefits. It is recommended to perform muscle contraction exercises with weights on the vibrating platform, but isometric exercises such as squats, front and side planks can also be performed.

Training time should never be less than 30 minutes, but each muscle group can only be stimulated for 6 minutes to avoid fatigue, which compromises results. Despite having several benefits and not being associated with risks, the use of the vibrating platform is not indicated in case of cardiac pacemaker use, epilepsy, during pregnancy, in case of a recently placed IUD, severe herniated disc, in case of hip or knee replacement.

What to do to lose weight

The best strategy to strengthen muscles and burn fat is to practice moderate to high intensity physical activity, with a maximum heart rate above 70% (HR max) through aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling or spinning, complementing training with anaerobic exercises, with weights and few repetitions, as is normally done in weight training.

Exercises to lose weight can be performed 3-4 times a week, but always taking care not to train the same muscle group on consecutive days, because it is necessary to give the muscles time to rest and grow. Exercises such as Pilates also help to burn fat and increase muscle, especially when large equipment is used, which can have good resistance due to springs, as in the Cadillac or reformer, for example.

Furthermore, it is very important to pay attention to food, consuming he althy, non-industrialized foods, and to prefer a low-carbohydrate diet. See how to follow a low carb diet to achieve faster results.

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