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Exercístretching exercises in pregnancy

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Exercístretching exercises in pregnancy
Exercístretching exercises in pregnancy

Stretching exercises are very beneficial in pregnancy as they help relieve back pain, increase blood circulation, decrease leg swelling, and are also helpful in bringing more oxygen to the baby, helping to the to grow he althier.

In addition, a stretching class also helps to combat constipation and relieve gas, which are very common during pregnancy. Stretching also prevents injuries and muscle pain and helps women prepare for labor.

The following are 3 stretching exercises that can be performed at home to relieve back pain during pregnancy:

Exercise 1

Sitting with legs apart, bend one leg putting the foot in contact with the other thigh and leaning the body to the side, as shown in the image, feeling stretched all over for 30 seconds. Then switch the leg and do the exercise to the other side.

Exercise 2

Remain in the position shown in image 2 for 30 seconds, in order to feel your back stretch.

Exercise 3

With your knees on the floor, lean over a Pilates ball, trying to keep your back straight. You can stretch your arms on top of the ball and try to rest your chin on your chest at the same time. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.

When performing the stretching exercises, the pregnant woman should have a slow and deep breath, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly.Stretching exercises in pregnancy can be done every day and repeated 2-3 times, with 30 second intervals between each one.

Exercises to do outside the home

In addition to the exercises that can be performed at home, pregnant women can also do stretching exercises in water aerobics classes, which also contribute to reducing joint stress and muscle discomfort. It is recommended that water aerobics be performed two to three times a week, lasting from about 40 minutes to an hour, with a light to moderate intensity.

Pilates is also a good option, because it helps to stretch and relax the muscles, preparing the muscles of the perineum region for childbirth and postpartum, stimulates circulation, develops breathing techniques and posture.

Also know which exercises you should not practice during pregnancy.

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