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How to use lice shampoo

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How to use lice shampoo
How to use lice shampoo

To eliminate lice effectively, it is important to wash your hair with suitable shampoos, and it is recommended to give preference to shampoos that contain permethrin in their formula, because this substance is capable of promoting the death of lice. Some examples of shampoos to get rid of lice that can be indicated by the pediatrician or dermatologist and that are easily found in pharmacies are:

  • Kwell;
  • Sanasar
  • Escabin;
  • Deltacid;
  • Stop lice;
  • Del-lend;
  • Pedider;
  • Keltrine.

In addition to shampoos, there are also anti-parasitic drugs, in the form of pills, that can promote the death of lice, such as Ivermectin, for example.However, its use must be recommended by a dermatologist or pediatrician to avoid possible side effects related to high doses of this medication.

How to use lice shampoos

Application varies a lot depending on the shampoo that is used, so it is recommended to read the shampoo label first to identify the most appropriate way to use it. In general, shampoo should be used as follows:

  1. Apply the product to dry hair, because in this way it is possible to promote the death of lice by asphyxiation. If the product is applied to wet hair, the louse can close its respiratory holes and protect itself from the action of the product. Despite this, some shampoos may be indicated for application on wet hair and, therefore, it is important that the label is read before application;
  2. Spread the product well over the hair and let it act for 10 to 20 minutes or according to the manufacturer's instructions;
  3. Rinse the head, removing shampoo completely, and comb with a fine-tooth comb to remove dead lice and nits. To make it easier, you can divide the hair into sections, so you can be sure that the comb will be passed through the entire hair;
  4. Then wash your hair as usual, using your preferred shampoo and conditioner.

As the louse can live up to 30 days, changing from nit to adult louse in about 12 days, it is recommended to reapply the lice shampoo a second time after 7 days of the first application.

Check out these and other tips in the following video:

Natural Remedies for Lice

To combat the infestation of lice and nits, you can also bet on natural ingredients such as essential oils, but it is also possible to kill lice with a cornmeal porridge that is placed on the scalp, preventing the lice from breathing.Another natural solution against lice and nits is to use thyme oil that must be mixed in the shampoo.

See how to prepare each of these recipes:

1. With essential oils

A great natural remedy to get rid of lice and nits is washing your hair with essential oils and olive oil, because the oil prevents lice from sticking to the hair, making it easier to remove them with a fine-tooth comb.

In addition, Malaleuca essential oil has repellent properties that prevent a new lice infestation. Rosemary and lavender essential oils are used to complement the treatment, soothing scalp irritation and relieving itchiness.


  • 30 ml of olive oil;
  • 10 drops of rosemary essential oil;
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil;
  • 10 drops of Malaleuca essential oil.

Preparation mode

Mix the ingredients in a bowl until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then, using a cotton pad, apply the remedy all over the scalp, rubbing it well, especially at the root of the hair. Then cover with a shower cap and wait for 2-3 hours to kill all lice and nits before washing your hair with a shampoo for oily hair.

After washing your hair, use a fine-toothed comb, strand by strand. Between each pass of the comb, it is very important to check if there are any lice on the comb and, if there are, they must be removed before passing the comb through the hair again.

Warning: This home remedy should only be used after 2 years of age, as Malaleuca essential oil should not be used on babies. Since lice eggs can take up to 7 days to hatch, it is important to use this natural remedy every 3 days for at least 4 weeks.

2. With cornmeal

An excellent natural treatment for hair lice is the mixture of cornmeal and rue, as they are medicinal plants with properties that help to kill worms, such as lice, and soothe the scalp, reducing itching.


  • 1 handful of rue;
  • 1 handful of cornmeal;
  • 4 cups of water.

Preparation mode

Add the rue to the boiling water and let it boil for approximately 5 minutes. Then add the cornmeal and stir well, preventing lumps from forming. When the mixture has the consistency of porridge, it is ready to be used.

Let the mixture cool and apply along the strands and scalp. Then wrap the hair with a cap and let the remedy act for approximately an hour. After the determined time, the hair should be washed with plenty of water and neutral shampoo.For better effectiveness, it is recommended to use a fine comb to remove dead lice and nits.

3. With thyme

Another excellent natural solution for lice and nits is the homemade shampoo made from thyme, as it is a medicinal plant with potent insecticidal properties.


  • Thyme essential oil;
  • Shampoo with neem.

Preparation mode

Add 3 drops of thyme essential oil to the neem shampoo and mix well. Then apply the mixture to wet hair with a light massage, leaving it on for 5 minutes. After the determined time, rinse the hair well with warm water and pass a fine comb to remove dead lice and nits.

Thyme can be irritating to the skin of the scalp, so never exceed the recommended amount, nor use it undiluted.

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