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4 exercises to deepen the voice

4 exercises to deepen the voice
4 exercises to deepen the voice

Exercises to deepen the voice should only be performed if there is such a need. It is important for the person to consider whether they need to have a lower voice, as it may not suit the person or even hurt them, as some people may try to force their voice too much or scream.

These exercises must be performed under the supervision of a speech therapist, so that they are performed correctly and in order to avoid injuries. In addition, practicing exercises to improve diction can help to have a clearer and more accurate voice. See how to improve diction with exercises.

1. Yawning emitting vowels

Before performing the exercises themselves to deepen the voice, warm up the vocal cords first. For this, one of the exercises you can do, which also helps to lower the larynx, is to yawn with the vowel A sound, for example.

2. Suction with sound

Another exercise you can do is to take a deep breath and then suction, as if it were a string of spaghetti, avoiding making too much effort, holding the air a little bit and at the end releasing the air emitting a sound "Aaahh " or "Ooohh". You should do 10 repetitions, rest and do 10 more, drinking a little water between each repetition and perform this exercise every day.

3. Emit bass sounds

Another exercise that helps to deepen the voice is to make the sounds "oh oh oh" in a lower pitch than you can, repeating 10 times, with the possibility of adding a phrase at the end, between each repetition.

4. Mimic a specific sound

Inhale deeply and try to make the characteristic sound of blowing into a pipe. You should imitate this sound without worrying about making it sound too loud, trying to pay attention to the vibration of the head, and try to find this point, repeating 7 to 10 times, once a day.

Another way to adjust the voice is to try speaking in different tones of voice, projecting it and realizing that the voice is moldable and allows the person to speak in different tones.

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