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Psychological Disorders 2023

Dependent personality disorder: what é, symptoms and treatment

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Dependent personality disorder: what é, symptoms and treatment
Dependent personality disorder: what é, symptoms and treatment

Dependent personality disorder is characterized by an excessive need to be taken care of by other people, which leads to a submissive behavior and an intense fear of separation.

In addition, these people also have a hard time making decisions, constantly needing other people's decision or approval.

This disorder most often appears in early adulthood and can give rise to anxiety or depression. Its treatment consists of psychotherapy sessions and, in some cases, medication administration, which must be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Main symptoms

Symptoms that manifest in people with dependent personality disorder are mainly:

  • Difficulty making simple decisions;
  • Having a constant need to ask other people for advice;
  • Needing other people to take responsibility for various areas of your life;
  • Difficulty disagreeing with others;
  • Difficulty starting new solo projects.

Furthermore, these people feel needy and go to extreme lengths, such as doing unpleasant things, to receive affection and support, feeling uncomfortable and helpless when they are alone. Because they feel they are incapable of taking care of themselves, they are usually overly concerned about being abandoned.

Possible causes

It is not known for sure what is at the origin of dependent personality disorder, but it is thought that this disorder may be related to biological factors and the environment in which the person is inserted, since childhood and relationship with parents at this stage, such as being extremely protective or very authoritarian, can have a great influence on the individual's development.

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How the treatment is done

Treatment is usually carried out when this disorder starts to have an impact on the person's life, which can harm relationships with other people and cause anxiety and depression.

Psychotherapy is the first-line treatment for dependent personality disorder and, during treatment, the person must play an active role and be accompanied by a psychologist or psychiatrist, which will help the person to become more active and independent and get more out of love relationships

In some cases, pharmacological treatment may be necessary. In these cases, the diagnosis of the disorder must be performed by a psychiatrist, who will be the professional responsible for prescribing the necessary drugs for the treatment.

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