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Psychological Disorders 2023

Mythomania: what é, how to recognize and treatment

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Mythomania: what é, how to recognize and treatment
Mythomania: what é, how to recognize and treatment

Mythomania, also known as pseudology fantastic or pathological lying, is a psychological disorder in which the person has a compulsive tendency to lie, without there being any other psychological disorder or dementia, for example.

One of the big differences between the sporadic or traditional liar and the mythomaniac is that in the first case, the person lies to take advantage or advantage in some situation, while the mythomaniac lies in order to disguise his own reality. In this situation, the act of lying is to feel comfortable with one's own life, appear more interesting, or have subjects that fit into a social group that the mythomaniac does not feel able to enter.

How to recognize a compulsive liar

To recognize this type of behavior, certain characteristics can be observed, such as:

  • The mythomaniac does not feel guilt or fear of the risk of being discovered;
  • Stories tend to be either very happy or very sad;
  • Counts large cases for no apparent reason or gain;
  • An elaborate answer to quick questions;
  • They make extremely detailed descriptions of the facts;
  • Stories make you look like hero or victim;
  • Different versions of the same stories.

All these reports aim to make the other believe in the social image that the mythomaniac seeks to achieve. Check out other tips on how to identify a liar.

What causes mythomania

The causes of mitomania are not fully understood, but some studies propose that this disorder may arise due to some factors related to traumatic antecedents or epilepsy. Still, further investigations are needed to prove this hypothesis.

How the treatment is done

Treatment of mythomania can be done through psychiatric and psychological sessions, where the professional accompanying the case will help the person to understand the reasons that lead to the creation of lies. And so, by clarifying and understanding why this desire arises, the patient can start changing habits.

Is Mytomania curable?

Mythomania is curable and can be achieved through proper treatment that depends on the person's commitment to treatment and the support they receive. However, it is difficult for a person with mythomania to be able to recognize that they have the disorder, which causes diagnosis and treatment to be delayed. For this reason, the support and understanding of family and friends is very important.

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