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Chronic bronchitis: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment

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Chronic bronchitis: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment
Chronic bronchitis: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment

Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the pulmonary bronchi, the place where air passes inside the lung, which persists for more than 3 months, even with apparently adequate treatment. This type of bronchitis is more common in smokers and increases the risk of diseases such as pulmonary emphysema, for example.

The symptoms of chronic bronchitis usually last more than 3 months and the main symptom is coughing up mucus. Chronic bronchitis is curable when the doctor's instructions are respected and the person performs the treatment correctly.

Causes of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is mainly caused by prolonged exposure to pollution, toxic or allergy-causing substances. In addition, chronic smokers tend to develop this type of bronchitis.

The diagnosis of chronic bronchitis is made by the pulmonologist based on the clinical history, life habits and symptoms presented by the person, in addition to tests that evaluate the lung, such as chest X-ray, spirometry and bronchoscopy, which is a exam performed to evaluate the airways, identifying any type of alteration. Understand what bronchoscopy is and how it is performed.

Main symptoms

The main symptom of chronic bronchitis is coughing up mucus that lasts for at least 3 months. Other symptoms of chronic bronchitis are:

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Fever, when associated with infection;
  • Wheezing when breathing, called wheezing;
  • Tiredness;
  • Swelling of the lower limbs;
  • Nails and lips may appear purple.

Chronic bronchitis is not contagious, as it usually does not happen as a result of infections. In this way, there is no risk of contamination when you are close to the patient with the disease.

How the treatment is done

Treatment for chronic bronchitis is usually done according to the person's symptoms. In the case of breathing difficulties, for example, the pulmonologist may recommend the use of bronchodilators, such as Salbutamol, for example.

In addition, physiotherapy is very useful for the treatment of chronic bronchitis as it can improve gas exchange, improve respiratory capacity and eliminate secretions. But in addition, it is essential to discover its cause and then eliminate it in order to cure the disease.

Can chronic bronchitis be cured?

Chronic bronchitis is not always curable, especially if the person has some other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or is a smoker. However, if the person respects all the doctor's guidelines, there is a good chance of curing chronic bronchitis.

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