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How to identify and treat Diabetic Mastopathyética

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How to identify and treat Diabetic Mastopathyética
How to identify and treat Diabetic Mastopathyética

Treatment of diabetic mastopathy is mainly done through adequate glycemic control. In addition, anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics can also be used to decrease pain and inflammation and fight infections. In some cases, surgery may also be necessary to remove the tumors.

Treatment time mainly depends on glycemic control, because the better controlled, the faster the patient's recovery. In addition, strict blood sugar control must continue throughout life to prevent the problem from reappearing.

To differentiate from breast cancer, see 12 symptoms of breast cancer.

What is diabetic mastopathy

Diabetic mastopathy is a rare and severe form of mastitis, an inflammation of the breast that causes redness, pain and swelling. This disease affects diabetic people who use insulin and who cannot control their diabetes well.

Diabetic mastitis can affect only one or both breasts, and is more common in women with type 1 diabetes, especially in the premenopausal period, but in rarer cases it can occur in diabetic men.


The symptoms of diabetic mastitis are inflammation in the breast, with the appearance of one or more hardened tumors, which are painless in the initial phase of the disease. In general, the breast is red, swollen and painful, and blisters and pus may also appear.

How to know if it is diabetic mastopathy

Due to the presence of tumors, diabetic mastopathy can be confused with breast cancer, requiring a breast biopsy to properly diagnose the disease and eliminate the hypothesis of cancer.

The most recommended method is biopsy performed with a core needle, which aspirates part of the inflamed breast tissue to be evaluated in the laboratory.

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