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How to remove a speck from your eye

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How to remove a speck from your eye
How to remove a speck from your eye

The presence of a speck in the eye is a relatively common condition that can be easily resolved with proper eyewash. However, in some cases it is not possible to remove the foreign body, and the eye may become itchy, causing the person to continually scratch the eye, increasing the risk of scratching the cornea and causing blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light and intense tearing.

In case the speck in the eye produces intense symptoms such as pain, redness or excessive tearing, for example, one should seek the ophthalmologist or emergency room to avoid complications.

Furthermore, to avoid the speck in the eye, it is recommended to use protective glasses or eyeglasses in environments with a lot of air current or environmental contamination, in addition to the application of eye drops to lubricate the eyes, as indicated by the ophthalmologist, to prevent scratches from drying.


The best way to remove the speck from your eye is to follow the steps:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water;
  2. Stand in front of the mirror and try to identify the presence of the speck;
  3. Blink the affected eye several times, to try to remove the speck naturally;
  4. Apply saline solution to the eye to wash it out.

A small speck in the eye can be very uncomfortable because there are many nerve endings in the eye, so a small speck can look like a large foreign body inside the eyeball.

After removing the speck, you should avoid touching your eyes with your hands and people who wear contact lenses should stop wearing them until the eye improves or until they feel comfortable. See how to prepare a home remedy to relieve eye irritation.

What if I can't get the speck out?

If you are unable to remove the speck after washing the eye with saline solution, it is important not to force the eyelids open or try to remove the speck with tweezers, a toothpick or your own fingers, in addition to avoiding scratching the eye.

In this case, you should go to the doctor immediately, to avoid more serious injuries that could harm the he alth and function of the eyes.

What if the stinging sensation in the eye persists?

Sometimes, after washing the eye, the feeling of discomfort may persist, even after eliminating the speck. This is because the speck may have caused irritation to the cornea in an attempt to eliminate it. To lessen discomfort, the person should keep the eye closed for a while, avoiding direct exposure to light, which can help calm irritation.

However, this sensation may be due to the fact that the speck has not yet been eliminated and in these cases, the ideal is to ask someone for help or even go to the ophthalmologist, who will remove the speck and can also prescribe remedies to relieve pain, irritation and/or inflammation.

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