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Remé manipulated: what é, advantages and how to know if é confiável

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Remé manipulated: what é, advantages and how to know if é confiável
Remé manipulated: what é, advantages and how to know if é confiável

Compounded medicines are those that are prepared in compounding pharmacies upon presentation of a medical prescription with individual doses, according to the needs of each person.

These drugs are prepared directly in the compounding pharmacy by a pharmacist from standardized formulas or recognized by ANVISA or from the doctor's prescription, since there may be changes in the concentration of the drug or formula.

Manipulated medicines can be requested for different purposes, and may be indicated in the treatment of diseases, food supplementation or aesthetic purposes, for example, having advantages over industrialized medicines, since it contains the active principle in adequate amounts with the purpose of use, individually.


How to know if the manipulated is trustworthy

For the compound to be reliable, it is important that it is made in a certified compounding pharmacy, authorized by ANVISA and which has quality control. In addition, to ensure the effectiveness of the compound, it is important that the drug is prepared by a pharmacist and that after it is ready, it is tested by another professional to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the drug.

Furthermore, when receiving the compounded medicine, it is important to check on the medicine label if the formula is the same as that in the medical prescription, if the personal data are correct, if there is the method of use, name and registration from the doctor, date of manipulation, name and registration of the responsible pharmacist.

After starting use, it is also important to observe if the effects of the manipulated medicine that were indicated by the doctor are happening. Thus, if the compounded medicine is not working, it is important to inform the doctor so that an evaluation can be carried out in order to verify if the formula is correct, if it is necessary to change the dosage or if another compounded medicine should be done.

What is the difference between industrialized and compounded medicine

Industrialized drugs are those normally found in the pharmacy, produced in large quantities in industrial machines and have standardized doses and concentrations. In addition, industrialized drugs have standardized packaging and are marketed under authorization from ANVISA.

On the other hand, manipulated medicines are produced on demand, that is, they are made upon presentation of a medical prescription, which must indicate the concentration of the components of the formula according to the specific needs of the person. These drugs do not need authorization from ANVISA to be marketed, however they should only be prepared in authorized compounding pharmacies and supervised by this agency.

Advantages of the manipulated medicine

Compounded medicines have some advantages over industrialized medicines, the main ones being:

  • Remedies in individualized doses, which is a great benefit, as standardized doses of industrialized drugs do not always correspond to what is necessary for each person;
  • Allows the association of two or more substances, which helps in the use of a smaller amount of pills or capsules per day;
  • Avoid waste, as it is produced in the quantity necessary for the person's use;
  • Replaces drugs not sold in pharmacies, which are not produced separately or because there is no interest in commercialization by the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Prepares medicines without some substances,such as preservatives, stabilizers, sugars or even lactose, which may be present in standardized formulas from industrialized products;
  • Produces medicines with different presentation forms, such as tablets, capsules, creams, gels or solutions, making it easier for the person to use, such as, for example, producing in the form of syrup a drug that is only sold as a pill.

So, if produced with quality, the manipulated medicines can produce the desired effect, with the advantage of adapting better to the person who uses it, if necessary, facilitating the treatment.

On the other hand, as it is an on-demand drug, inspection of compounding pharmacies by he alth agencies is more difficult, which may lead to a risk of the compounded drug not having the desired effectiveness. In addition, they have the shortest expiry date, which is normally the period corresponding to the treatment time.

Thus, it is very important that, before handling a drug, the person makes sure that it is a reliable pharmacy and that it follows the handling rules correctly, to avoid unwanted effects during the treatment.

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