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How to use "nystatin gel" to treat thrush in the mouth

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How to use "nystatin gel" to treat thrush in the mouth
How to use "nystatin gel" to treat thrush in the mouth

"Nystatin gel" is an expression often used by parents to describe the gel that is used to treat thrush in the baby's or child's mouth. However, and contrary to the name, there is no nystatin gel on the market, and most of the time this expression is attributed to miconazole gel, which is also an antifungal capable of treating thrush.

The thrush, scientifically known as oral candidiasis, happens when there is an excessive growth of fungi in the mouth, which causes the appearance of white plaques on the tongue, red spots and even wounds on the gum, for example. Although it is more common in babies and children under 1 year of age, due to the immaturity of the immune system, this type of problem can also appear in adults, especially due to situations that decrease immunity, as in the case of patients undergoing chemotherapy or AIDS patients..

Miconazole, like nystatin, are antifungal substances and, therefore, when used correctly, they help to eliminate excess fungi quickly, restoring the balance of the mouth and helping to relieve the symptoms of thrush.

How to apply the gel correctly

Before applying the gel, it is advisable to clean all surfaces of the child's mouth well, brushing the teeth and tongue with gentle movements or with a soft bristle brush.

In the case of babies, who do not have teeth, the gums, inside the cheeks and tongue should be cleaned with a cotton diaper or damp gauze, for example.

The gel should be applied directly to the mouth and tongue lesions with a clean gauze wrapped around the index finger, about 4 times a day.

This gel should not be swallowed immediately after application, but should be kept in the mouth for a few minutes so that the substance has time to act.However, if swallowed, which happens very often in babies, there is no problem as it is not a toxic substance.

How long does the treatment last

At the end of a week the thrush should be cured, if the treatment is done correctly, but it is important to keep using the gel for up to 2 days after the symptoms disappear.

Advantages of antifungal gel

Treatment with the gel is usually faster than using the drug in the form of a rinse, as it is applied directly to mouth and tongue lesions, being more easily absorbed.

In addition, the gel has a more pleasant taste, making it easier to use for children and babies.

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