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Eggplant in the treatment of cholesterol

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Eggplant in the treatment of cholesterol
Eggplant in the treatment of cholesterol

Eggplant is indicated in the treatment of cholesterol, due to the high amount of antioxidants and fibers it has. Therefore, using eggplant as an additive in juices and vitamins and also in stir-fries, as an accompaniment to meats, is a good way to increase its amount in the diet, thus improving its effect on cholesterol control.

However, those who don't like the taste of eggplant can choose to take a natural remedy sold commercially as Eggplant Capsule.

Why Eggplant Lowers Cholesterol

Eggplant helps to lower cholesterol because it has fibers that help eliminate excess cholesterol through the feces, however, its use is still a subject that is much discussed scientifically, but what is indisputable is that a diet rich in fiber and vitamins should contribute to the treatment of high cholesterol, as well as the practice of physical activity.

According to the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, the essential treatment to reduce blood cholesterol consists of reducing the intake of foods rich in fat, that is, in cholesterol.

Foods high in cholesterol

Foods rich in cholesterol that should be avoided in the diet include:

  • Viscera (liver, kidneys, brains)
  • Whole milk and its derivatives
  • Embedded
  • Cold
  • Birdskin
  • Seafood such as octopus, shrimp, oyster, shellfish or lobster

It is also important to remove the fat accumulated in the body, especially those present inside the arteries. Home remedies based on natural products have been shown to be a good initial alternative that can even make the period of use of the drug, when recommended, shorter.

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