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How to avoid toxoplasmosis: 4 important precautions

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How to avoid toxoplasmosis: 4 important precautions
How to avoid toxoplasmosis: 4 important precautions

To avoid getting toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, it is important to choose to drink mineral water, eat well-done meat and eat well-washed or cooked vegetables and fruits, in addition to avoiding eating salad outside the house and washing your hands several times a day.

Generally, the probability of toxoplasmosis infection increases as the pregnancy progresses, but its contamination is more dangerous in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, as it can affect the development of the fetus, causing abortion or serious malformations.

To prevent infection, recommended protective measures include:

1. Avoid eating raw meat

As one of the forms of transmission is the consumption of raw, undercooked meat or sausages, it is important that the woman prefers well-done meat to reduce the risk of contamination.In addition to avoiding the consumption of raw meat to reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis, it is important that the pregnant woman also washes fruits and vegetables well before consuming, as this also prevents other infections. See how to wash fruits and vegetables well.

2. Wash your hands well

To prevent toxoplasmosis, it is essential to wash your hands before and after preparing food, especially meat, whenever you touch soil in the garden, as it may contain cysts of the parasite, and after having contact with animals that may be infected by the parasite or its droppings.

A good strategy in these moments is to put on gloves and then throw them in the trash, as this avoids direct contact with the toxoplasmosis protozoan. But even so, it is important to wash your hands after removing your gloves to completely eliminate the risk of infection.

Watch the following video and learn how to wash your hands correctly:

3. Drink only mineral water

You should prefer mineral water, which comes in a bottle, or drink filtered and boiled water, avoiding drinking tap or well water, as the risk of contaminated water is greater. In addition, it is not recommended to consume raw milk and its derivatives, even if it is from cow or goat.

4. Avoid contact with animal feces

To avoid toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, contact with animals, especially stray cats, should be avoided, as it is not known whether the animal is infected or not. In addition, contact with animals that are not properly treated increases not only the risk of toxoplasmosis, but also of other infections that can cause complications for the pregnant woman.

If you have cats at home, you should avoid touching the animal's sand and feces and, if you really have to clean them, you should do it daily, using gloves and a shovel and washing your hands and playing in the trash the gloves right after.It is also important to feed cats only cooked meat or food, in order to avoid the development of microorganisms that can contaminate the pregnant woman.

How to treat toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

Treatment for toxoplasmosis during pregnancy usually varies with the severity of the infection of the pregnant woman and depends on the gestational age, being necessary to do a blood test to confirm the disease, which normally does not cause symptoms in the pregnant woman but which can be very dangerous for the baby, which can lead to miscarriage or the baby being born with problems such as mental retardation, hydrocephalus or blindness. See more about toxoplasmosis in pregnancy.

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