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Feedção during treatment of urinary infectionçãouriná

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Feedção during treatment of urinary infectionçãouriná
Feedção during treatment of urinary infectionçãouriná

The diet to cure urinary infection should be he althy and balanced, and should include increased fluid intake and diuretic foods, such as watermelon, cucumber and carrots. In addition, cranberry juice, also called cranberry or cranberry, can also be a great ally to treat and prevent new infections, as it interferes with the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract, preventing the development of a more serious infection.

It is also important to avoid certain foods during treatment for urinary tract infections, especially foods rich in sugar, such as cakes, cookies and soft drinks, as they favor the development of bacteria.

In general, treatment for urinary tract infection is done with the use of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, according to the cause of the infection, but food can help speed healing. Learn more about urinary tract infection.

What to eat in the treatment of urinary tract infection

To help treat urinary infection, the most important thing is to consume plenty of water, as it helps to produce more urine and thus favors the elimination of the bacteria causing the infection.

Also, consuming cranberry, also known as cranberry or cranberry, helps fight urinary infection and prevent new infections because it makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to urinary tract cells. Some studies also indicate that the consumption of lemon and strawberry could also help to fight the infection, since they have antimicrobial properties, and can also be included in the diet during the treatment of urinary infection.

Another recommendation is to increase consumption of diuretic foods such as onions, watermelon, asparagus, parsley, soursop, cucumber and carrots. See other water-rich food options.

What to avoid

To avoid urinary infections and keep the immune system strong, you should avoid the following foods:

  • Sugar and foods high in sugar such as cakes, cookies, candies and chocolates;
  • Coffee and caffeine-rich foods such as green tea, black tea and mate tea;
  • Processed meats such as sausage, sausage, ham, bologna and bacon;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • White flour and foods rich in flour, such as cakes, cookies and white bread, French type.

These foods should be avoided because they stimulate inflammation in the body, making it difficult to cure and prevent new urinary infections.

Menu to fight urinary infection

The following table shows an example of a 3-day menu with foods that help treat and prevent urinary tract infection:

Meals Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 1 slice of cheese + 1 cranberry chia smoothie and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter 1 plain yogurt with granola and assorted nuts Graviola juice + 1 slice of wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs and ricotta
Morning snack 3 rice crackers with fruit jelly without sugar 1 glass of strawberry juice and a handful of walnuts 1 natural yogurt with fresh strawberry cut into pieces
Lunch/Dinner 1 medium fish fillet in the oven + 1 cup of cooked vegetables + 1 teaspoon of olive oil + 1 slice of melon 1 chicken breast fillet with natural tomato sauce + 1/2 cup brown rice + 2 cups raw salad + 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 pear 1/2 cup ground beef + 1/2 serving whole grain pasta + 1 cup cooked vegetables + 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 slice pineapple
Afternoon snack 1 banana oat pancake with peanut butter + 1 glass of lemonade 1 glass of green juice with lemon + 1 slice of wholegrain bread and 1 slice of white cheese 1 glass of orange juice + 2 scrambled eggs

The amounts indicated on the menu may vary according to age, gender and practice of physical activity and, therefore, it is important that the nutritionist is consulted so that the best food plan is indicated.

It is important to remember that the treatment for urinary infection is mainly done with the use of antibiotics, which must be prescribed by the doctor after a urinalysis. Food is an ally that helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent new infections. Find out how the complete treatment for urinary infection is done.

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