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ÁAlkaline water: what é, possible benefits ícios (and how to do it at home)

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ÁAlkaline water: what é, possible benefits ícios (and how to do it at home)
ÁAlkaline water: what é, possible benefits ícios (and how to do it at home)

Alkaline water is a type of water that has a pH greater than 7.5 and that could have several benefits for the body, such as improving blood flow and muscle performance, in addition to preventing the development of cancer.

This type of water has been increasingly used as an option to replace energy drinks in high-intensity training, with the aim of improving muscle performance and reducing fatigue during muscle training, as during activity There is production of lactic acid, which ends up decreasing the body's pH.

However, the muscle can only function correctly in a pH range that should not be lower than 6.5 and, therefore, while lactic acid accumulates, there is a progressive increase in fatigue and a greater risk of injury.

In this way, alkaline water could have benefits for the practice of physical activity, however this and other benefits of alkaline water are not yet fully scientifically proven, and it is important that more studies are carried out to confirm the benefits of consumption of alkaline water.

Possible benefits

The benefits of alkaline water are still widely discussed, because so far there are few studies that bring its effects on the body, in addition to the fact that the studies that exist were carried out with a small sample of the population, which may not reflect the effects in a larger group.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the consumption of alkaline water could bring he alth benefits due to the fact that this water has a pH similar to that of blood, which is between 7.35 and 7.45, so it is believed that keeping the pH in this range favors the normal processes of the organism.So, the possible benefits of alkaline water are:

  • Improved muscle performance, as it manages to better eliminate excess lactic acid accumulated during physical activity, preventing the onset of cramps and muscle injuries and decreasing the feeling of fatigue and recovery time after training;
  • Prevents premature aging, as it could act as an antioxidant;
  • May help treat reflux,since, according to a study, water pH above 8.8 can deactivate pepsin, which is the enzyme present in the stomach and which is related to reflux. On the other hand, deactivating pepsin can directly interfere with the digestive process and, therefore, this benefit still needs to be better evaluated;
  • It could prevent cancer, since the more acidic environment can favor the differentiation and proliferation of malignant cells. Thus, by making the blood pH always alkaline, there is a lower chance of cancer development, however this effect still needs more studies to prove it;
  • It could improve blood circulation, as a study carried out with 100 people showed that the consumption of alkaline water is able to decrease the blood viscosity, which allows the blood circulates in the body more efficiently, also improving the supply of oxygen to the organs. Despite this, other studies need to be carried out to confirm this benefit.

In addition, other possible benefits of alkaline water are improving the immune system, improving the appearance and hydration of the skin, assisting in the weight loss process, in addition to being able to have benefits for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. However, these benefits are not yet scientifically proven.

When to take

Alkaline water can be consumed during training in order to maintain hydration and combat the effect of lactic acid that increases during exercise, in this way it would be possible to avoid the effect of this substance on the body and reducing the time recovery after exercise.

When alkaline water is consumed with the aim of improving performance in physical activity, the indication is that water is consumed during the day to keep the body in an alkaline pH range, in order to that when you start training the organism takes longer to become acidic and allows the correct functioning of the muscles for longer.

However, it is also important that water with a pH equal to or less than 7, as the excessive alkalinity of the organism can interfere in some processes, mainly digestive, since the stomach works in acidic pH. Thus, there may be the development of some symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, muscle changes and mental confusion. Thus, it is important to alternate the consumption of water types.

How to make alkaline water

It is possible to make alkaline water at home, however it is important to pay attention to the proportions to avoid that the water is excessively alkaline, having negative effects on the body.

To prepare alkaline water, just mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each liter of water. Although the pH value cannot be easily calculated, as it varies according to the region where you live, the more basic the water, the better the performance, and there is no risk of using sodium bicarbonate.

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