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Remédios for earache: from farmácia and natural

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Remédios for earache: from farmácia and natural
Remédios for earache: from farmácia and natural

Some remedies for ear pain, such as anti-inflammatories or antibiotics, may be indicated by the otolaryngologist, as they help reduce inflammation or fight infection, relieving pain and discomfort in the ear in adults, babies or pregnant women.

These remedies should be indicated by the doctor after evaluating the symptoms and diagnosing the cause of ear pain, which can be due to excess wax, inflammation or infections, for example. Check out the main causes of earache.

Also, some home remedy options, such as applying a warm water bag near the ear can help relieve ear pain and complement treatment with doctor-recommended remedies.


Pharmaceutical Medicines

Pharmaceutical remedies for earache prescribed by the doctor include:

1. Analgesics

Analgesics, such as paracetamol or dipyrone in the form of pills or syrup, are remedies that can be used to relieve ear pain in adults and children. In addition, they also help to lower fever, which can also occur when a person has an ear infection.

These drugs must be used with the indication of the otorhinolaryngologist, after evaluating the cause of the earache.

2. Anti-inflammatories

Oral anti-inflammatory pills, such as ibuprofen, may be prescribed by a doctor to relieve ear pain in adults or children, as it works by fighting inflammation in the ear.

Anti-inflammatory drugs should only be used after an otorhinolaryngologist has evaluated the cause of earache, who can indicate the best anti-inflammatory drug, in individual doses and duration of treatment.

3. Wax removers

In some situations, earache can be caused by the accumulation of excess wax. In these cases, solutions in drops, such as Cerumin, can be used, which helps to dissolve and remove the wax in a gentle way.

Learn about other methods that can be used to remove earwax.

4. Antibiotics

When pain occurs due to otitis externa, which is an infection in the outer ear, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics in ear drops, such as ciprofloxacin, chloramphenicol, neomycin sulfate, or polymyxin B sulfate, for example, for fight bacteria that are causing the ear infection.

Generally, these antibiotics are associated with corticosteroids and/or local anesthetics, such as Otosporin, Panotil, Lidosporin, Otomycin, Oto-Betnovate, Ciloxan or Otosynalar, which also help relieve pain and inflammation.

If it is otitis media or interna and the pain does not go away with the use of analgesics, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, the doctor may recommend oral antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, azithromycin or ceftriaxone, for example..

Natural Remedy Options

A good natural treatment option for ear pain can be placing a warm water bag near the ear or applying a few drops of tea tree oil in the ear canal, which can be previously diluted with olive oil. See more home remedy options for earache.

When the pain occurs due to water entering the ear, you can tilt your head with the hurting ear downwards, jumping, in addition to drying the outside of the ear with a towel.

If even with these maneuvers the water does not come out of the ear and the pain remains, you should go to the otolaryngologist. You shouldn't wait too long to go to the doctor, because water can cause an ear infection.

Watch the video with the nurse Manuel Reis with tips on how to get the water out of the ear correctly:

Child Earache Remedy

Ear pain in babies can be identified when symptoms such as itchy ears, difficulty sleeping and intense crying manifest themselves. To treat infant earache, a warm cloth diaper can be placed near the baby's ear, after ironing, for example. It is important to be careful that the diaper is not too hot so as not to burn the baby.

If the earache is persistent, it is recommended to take the baby to the pediatrician or otolaryngologist, so that the best form of treatment is indicated, and the use of analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs, such as paracetamol, is usually indicated. dipyrone and ibuprofen and, in some cases, antibiotics.

Pregnancy Ear Pain Remedy

If ear pain occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended that the woman visit an otolaryngologist so that the pain is evaluated and a rigorous treatment is carried out that does not harm the baby.

A medication that can be used for earache during pregnancy is paracetamol (Tylenol), which should not be used in excess, and should always be used with the obstetrician's recommendation.

In the case of an ear infection, the doctor may also recommend the use of amoxicillin, which is a relatively safe antibiotic to be used during pregnancy.

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