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8 main measles symptoms (with pictures)

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8 main measles symptoms (with pictures)
8 main measles symptoms (with pictures)

The initial signs of measles are similar to a flu or cold and appear between 8 and 12 days after having been with someone infected, however, after about 3 days it is common for the typical measles spots to appear that do not they itch and spread throughout the body. The main symptoms of measles are:

  1. Red spots on the skin that do not itch and spread easily over the body;
  2. Sore throat;
  3. Dry cough;
  4. Muscle pain;
  5. Excessive fatigue;
  6. Fever above 38ºC;
  7. White spots inside the mouth;
  8. Redness in the eyes.

Measles is a viral infection that mainly affects children during the first year of life. However, the disease can also occur in people over 1 year of age or in adults who have not been vaccinated against measles, being more frequent in summer and autumn.

Online Symptom Test

If you think you or someone else may have measles, get tested with your symptoms:

  1. 1.Fever above 38º C Yes No
  2. 2.Sore throat and dry cough Yes No
  3. 3.Muscle pain and excessive tiredness Yes No
  4. 4.Red spots on the skin, without relief, that spread over the body Yes No
  5. 5.Red spots on the skin that do not itch Yes No
  6. 6.White spots inside the mouth, each surrounded by a red ring Yes No
  7. 7.Conjunctivitis or Red Eyes Yes No


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Measles pictures

Measles is caused by the virus of the Paramyxoviridae family, and is transmitted from person to person, through droplets of saliva from an infected person or through contact with particles of feces from an infected person. best form of disease prevention.

How to confirm if you have measles

The diagnosis of measles is usually made by the pediatrician, in the case of children, or a general practitioner, through the evaluation of the signs and symptoms presented by the child or by the adult. However, as the symptoms of measles are very similar to those of rubella, chickenpox, roseola and even drug allergy, the doctor may recommend carrying out some laboratory tests such as serological tests, throat or urine culture.

If you suspect that you have measles, it is very important to avoid passing the disease on to other people, as the virus is easily transmitted by coughing or sneezing, and therefore it is advisable to use a mask or clean cloth to protect your mouth.

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Possible complications

Measles complications appear more frequently in children under 5 years of age and people over 20 years of age, the most common being pneumonia, diarrhea and otitis media. Another complication of measles is acute encephalitis, which appears around the 6th day after the appearance of the red spots on the skin.

How the treatment is done

Measles treatment consists of relieving symptoms through rest, hydration and medication such as Paracetamol, liquid or bland diet and vitamin A intake, which must be indicated by the doctor.

This disease is more common in children and its treatment is done in order to control unpleasant symptoms such as fever, general malaise, lack of appetite and red spots on the skin that can develop into small wounds (ulcerations).

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