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Calme Ointmentêndula

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Calme Ointmentêndula
Calme Ointmentêndula

The calendula ointment is a natural product used to treat first-degree burns, sunburn, wounds, insect bites and even diaper rash caused by the baby. That's because the cream has analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is an ointment that can be used by adults or children.

The marigold ointment can be found in pharmacies under the names of Calendula Cream, Calendula Ointment, Concrete Calendula or Calendula Officinalis D1 Ointment by Almeida Prado.

Indications for marigold ointment

Calendula ointment is used to treat first degree burns, sunburn, wounds, insect bites, acne, canker sores, baby diaper rash, nipple cracks during breastfeeding, eczema and impetigo.

Price of marigold ointment

The price of calendula ointment can vary between 8 and 19 reais, depending on the laboratory and dosage.

How to use calendula ointment

The way to use calendula ointment consists of applying it three times a day on the affected area, through a massage, if possible, so that the ointment is fully absorbed.

Side Effects of Calendula Ointment

There are no known side effects of calendula ointment.

Contraindications of marigold ointment

Calendula ointment is contraindicated for individuals with hypersensitivity to any component of the formula.Calendula ointment should not be used by pregnant women without guidance from a doctor or obstetrician, and should not be applied to open wounds that are bleeding.

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