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Sineflex - Fat Burner and Thermogic Supplementênico

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Sineflex - Fat Burner and Thermogic Supplementênico
Sineflex - Fat Burner and Thermogic Supplementênico

Sineflex is a fat burning and thermogenic food supplement that helps to accelerate metabolism, block fat and lose weight.

Sineflex has in its formula a combination of caffeine and synephrine, substances that help the body to break down fat. In addition, Sineflex also helps to improve gastrointestinal activity, to eliminate calories better, to increase the feeling of satiety, to hinder the absorption of cholesterol and lipids and to increase the release of adrenaline.


Sineflex is a thermogenic supplement indicated to burn fat and accelerate metabolism effectively, helping to lose weight.


The price of Sineflex varies between 75 and 100 reais, and it can be purchased at supplement stores or online supplement stores and does not require a prescription.

How to take it

Sineflex is a supplement made up of two types of capsules, Pure Blocker capsules and Dynamic Focus capsules, which must be taken as follows:

  • Pure Blocker Capsules: 2 Pure Blocker capsules should be taken, 2 times a day, approximately 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.
  • Dynamic Focus Capsules: 1 Dynamic Focus capsule should be taken a day, approximately 30 minutes before lunch.

Side Effects

The supplement leaflet does not mention possible side effects, however if you experience any discomfort or unusual symptoms after taking the supplement you should consult your doctor before continuing with the treatment.


Sineflex is contraindicated for patients who may be allergic to any of the components of the formula.

Also, before starting treatment with Sineflex, you should speak to your doctor first if you are pregnant or if you have any serious he alth problems such as heart problems.

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