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Poluç&nocturnal activity: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment

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Poluç&nocturnal activity: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment
Poluç&nocturnal activity: what é, symptoms, causes and treatment

Nocturnal emission, popularly known as nocturnal ejaculation or "wet dreams", is the involuntary output of sperm during sleep, in the case of men, and of vaginal secretions, in the case of women, and may or may not be accompanied by erotic dreams and, in the case of women, there may be no orgasm.

This situation is considered normal and common to happen in adolescence and young adults, especially when they do not have an active sexual life, but it can also happen in people of any age who have not had sexual intercourse for many days.

Due to the fact that it is a considered and common situation, it is not necessary to carry out treatment, however, to reduce the number of episodes of nocturnal emission, it may be advisable to have safer sex more frequently, for example.

Symptoms of nocturnal pollution

The main symptoms of nocturnal emission are:

  • Involuntary ejaculation, in the case of men, during sleep;
  • Outflow of vaginal fluids, during sleep, by women;
  • Erotic dreams may or may not be present;
  • Female orgasm during sleep;
  • Waking up with ejaculation contraction and semen moisture, in the case of men;
  • Waking up with wet underwear or bedding.

In addition, when nighttime pollution is frequent, sleep can be impaired and lead to excessive tiredness, low concentration during the day, lack of sexual appetite, increased urge to urinate, anxiety or even depression.

In these cases, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician, urologist or gynecologist, according to age, so that an evaluation is carried out and that there are no other associated diseases.

Possible causes

Nocturnal emission in adolescents or young adults is caused by very high levels of testosterone in the body, especially at puberty, which can cause physical arousal during the REM phase of sleep, when nervous activity is most intense, which may result in ejaculation during sleep. Learn more about what happens in REM sleep.

In addition, high levels of testosterone cause an increase in sperm production and, consequently, the need to release excess from the body.

Night emission in men can also be caused by prolonged sexual abstinence, fatigue, sex dreams, excessive tiredness, lack of physical activity, consumption of supplements that increase testosterone, tightness in the foreskin or even an inflammation of the prostate.

Female night pollution

Female nocturnal emission is infrequent and the causes are still not well understood.However, it is possible that there is a release of vaginal fluids during sleep, with or without orgasm, which may just be a sign of excitement, which may or may not have been accompanied by erotic dreams.

How the treatment is done

Generally, no specific treatment is indicated for nocturnal emission, as it is considered a normal situation. However, increased sexual activity, as well as masturbation, can help reduce the number of episodes.

Furthermore, in cases where nocturnal pollution directly interferes with the person's quality of life, it is important to consult a sexologist or psychologist so that these issues can be addressed and there may be a reduction in pollution episodes.

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