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4 tips to end constipation pós childbirth

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4 tips to end constipation pós childbirth
4 tips to end constipation pós childbirth

Constipation is a common alteration in the postpartum period, however it is possible to relieve the symptoms of constipation and favor the feeding of feces with simple measures, without having to resort to the use of laxatives that, despite initially an option, they can end up addicting the gut.

The tips we indicate below are very useful and can help regulate the bowels and should be followed for a lifetime. Some tips to help relieve postpartum constipation symptoms are:

1. Drink more water

Increasing water consumption during the day helps to mobilize and soften stools, facilitating their elimination and relieving symptoms of constipation. So, to drink more water during the day, some good strategies are:

  • Have a 1.5 l bottle of water always close by, to drink even if you are not thirsty;
  • Have 3 to 4 cups of tea a day;
  • Add half a lemon squeezed into 1 liter of water, without adding sugar and drink throughout the day.

In addition, eating foods rich in water, such as radish, strawberry, pineapple, cucumber, apple and watermelon, for example, also help ensure hydration and relieve constipation. Discover other foods rich in water.

2. Eating foods rich in fiber

Increasing the consumption of foods rich in fiber, such as plums, mango, papaya and grapes, for example, is a great way to quickly end constipation, as fiber stimulates intestinal transit, increases the volume of faeces and facilitate their elimination. For the action of fibers to be effective, it is important to drink at least 1.5 L of water a day.

In addition, a diet rich in fiber is able to promote postpartum weight loss and stimulate milk production correctly. Learn more about fiber-rich foods.

3. Practicing physical activity

The practice of physical activity also helps to combat constipation in the postpartum period, as it favors the functioning of the intestine and elimination of feces, however it is important that the practice of exercises is released by the obstetrician and, preferably, guided by a physical education professional. Check out some postpartum exercise options.

4. Poop the right way

In addition to eating, the position of the body at the time of evacuation can also interfere with the passage of faeces and, therefore, it is recommended to support your feet on a stool so that faeces can pass through the intestines more easily.

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