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7 foods that clog the gut

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7 foods that clog the gut
7 foods that clog the gut

Foods that hold the bowels are indicated to improve loose bowels or diarrhea and include fruits such as apples and green bananas, vegetables such as boiled carrots or white flour breads, for example, as they are easy digestion and help regulate bowel function.

These foods that hold the intestines should not be consumed by those who have a trapped intestine and, in this case, the most suitable foods are laxatives such as oatmeal, papaya or broccoli, for example. Check out the complete list of laxative foods.

Some foods that help tighten the bowels include:

1. Green banana

The green banana has less soluble fiber than the ripe banana and, therefore, helps to control loose bowels and reduce diarrhea. The ideal is to consume silver banana or apple banana because they are the types of banana that have the least amount of fiber.

In addition, the green banana is an important source of potassium that helps to replace the s alts that the body loses when you have loose bowels or diarrhea.

2. Boiled apple

Boiled apple is an excellent home remedy for loose bowels or diarrhea, as it contains soluble fibers such as pectin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm and improve bowel function and relieve crises.

To make 1 cooked apple, wash the apple, remove the skin, cut into four pieces and cook for 5 to 10 minutes in a cup of water.

3. Boiled pear

The pear, especially when consumed without the skin, helps to tighten the intestines as it contains fibers that absorb excess water from the intestines and stimulates the release of gastric juices that makes food move more slowly in the intestines. intestine, in addition to being a fruit rich in water, helping to hydrate the body in cases of diarrhea and loose bowels.

A great option to consume the pear without the skin is to cook 2 or 3 pears in half a liter of water.

4. Cashew Juice

Cashew juice helps to tighten the intestines by having tannins in its composition with astringent properties that act by absorbing excess water from the intestine, in addition to regularizing bowel movements, reducing diarrhea or loose bowels.

However, you should avoid using industrialized cashew juice and give preference to preparing the juice with the whole fruit.

5. Boiled carrot

Boiled carrots are a great option to hold the intestines as they contain fibers that help in the formation of a firmer stool, in addition to regulating bowel movements.

To make boiled carrots, remove the skin, cut the carrot into thin slices, cook until the carrot is soft and the water drains.

6. Rice broth

Rice broth is a great option to improve loose bowels or diarrhea because, in addition to providing fluid to the body, preventing dehydration, it has a binding effect on the digestive tract, resulting in firmer and bulkier stools. That's why rice water helps reduce the duration of diarrhea or leaky bowels.

See how to prepare rice broth for diarrhea.

7. White flour breads

White flour breads are simple and easily digestible carbohydrates and therefore help to hold the bowels when you have diarrhea or loose bowels.

A good option is to make toast with s alted bread or French bread, but you should not add butter or margarine to avoid having the opposite effect.

Recipe to bind the intestines

A quick and easy recipe for bowel-stopping foods is:

Apple juice with carrot


  • 1 apple without skin;
  • 1 boiled carrot in slices;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • Sugar or honey to taste.

Preparation mode

Remove the skin and seeds from the apple and cut into smaller pieces. Remove the carrot skin, cut into thin slices and cook until soft. Place the peeled apple pieces and the cooked carrot in a blender with 1 liter of water and beat. Add sugar or honey to taste.

Check out other recipes to bind the intestines.

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